Power Days

As part of our PSHE curriculum provision, students experience dedicated ‘Power Days’ throughout the year. Power Days extend and enrich the PSHE curriculum and present an excellent opportunity for students to spend an entire day immersed in a particular aspect of PSHE. Through workshops, specialist sessions, leadership opportunities and team activities students explore and deepen their understanding of a variety of topics, and at the same time, build their interpersonal relationships with staff and peers. On these days we also work closely with a wide range of external providers, specialists and guest speakers.    

Our school has four dedicated ‘Power Days’ within the year. These are a key aspect of our PSHE/RSE provision as the  

  1. Relationships, Sex and Education Power Day 

  1. Social and Global Awareness Power Day 

  1. Careers/STEM Power Day 

  1. Multi-Cultural Day 

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Social and Global Awareness Power Day

RSE Power Day

Careers Power Day

Multicultural Power Day

PSHE and Power Days Scrapbook


Social and Global Awareness Power Day

On Thursday, 1 February we launched our new Power Day around the theme of ‘Social and Global Awareness’, it was a fantastic day filled with an array of different activities allowing students to explore and raise awareness of social and global issues surrounding them in the wider world today. 

Eurovicta 3Year 7 began the day with a ‘Road Safety’ session delivered by KCC which raised awareness of how to travel safely around the roads, this included avoiding distractions like mobile phones and groups of friends, students took part in this interactive session and it proved extremely informative and useful. Year 7 then moved on to working on researching different Spanish and French themes and finished the day with the amazing Eurovicta, which was a huge success, students showcased great talent and had an enjoyable afternoon. 

Year 8 took part in several different activities, they researched global issues around the world, took part in creating a ‘Sustainable City’ where they addressed different environmental, social and economic aspects allowing them to explore different renewable energy, waste management, green spaces and social inclusivity. They took part in sessions with the business and economics departments exploring new subjects and how they linked to the need to be social and globally aware. Students also explored geography field based studies to give them a taster of how to conduct field studies within this subject.

Power day global perspectives 4Year 9 had an important and valuable day learning about the Holocaust. Students built on their Year 8 learning of the Holocaust. They considered ideas of blame and perpetration, looking at case studies and real experiences. They then sought to understood the role of resistance and the ways in which Jewish people were able to resist. The day culminated by listening to survivor testimony from Holocaust survivor, Ivan Shaw. Students listened and asked questions before returning to their rooms and reflecting on their experience of the day. The feedback from staff and students has been amazing, they were very moved by our guest speaker and they took a lot away from the day.

Year 10 had the exciting challenge of creating a music festival themed around the famous charity ‘War Child’. The objective was to raise awareness of global and social events, they were tasked with researching the charity ‘War Child’ looking into what the charity stands for and linking this to how they were hoping to raise awareness of global issues, and how they wanted to change societies views and actions. All students were engaged in the task and the displays and presentations they created alongside merchandise was amazing! A thought provoking challenge which enabled them to explore real life events that are affecting children of their age and younger.

Power day global perspectives 10Year 11 took part in a number of sessions, firstly we welcomed back Once Chance and DBA Project who spoke frankly to students around the issues associated with County Lines, following on from that we welcomed Zara back from Panda Anti Racism who led an interactive session exploring racism that exists around the world today. Students took part in a session researching and presenting their findings on an array of different global issues that surround the world. They were also introduced to Psychology where they took part in an activity called ‘The Baron’s Tale’ followed by a food and nutrition session where they took part in making healthy flapjacks, a session enjoyed by all!

Year 12 took part in a number of externally led sessions, we welcomed ‘Diversity Role Models’ to the school for the first time, a session which raised awareness of embedding ‘inclusion and empathy’ the workshop focused on hearing from an LGBTQ+ role model about their lived experiences to celebrate difference. Schools Consent Project returned to the school to lead small sessions surrounding consent and raising awareness of the issues surrounding consent. We also welcomed back the MSC midwives who again led brilliant small sessions, informing students about a variety of different aspects from contraception to pregnancy choices, students have met the midwives several times now, and it is lovely to see the rapport they are building within our school community, they are experienced, approachable and informative.

Year 13 students had a meaningful session about ‘suicide’ which consisted of a talk around the topic followed by breakout rooms, where students could talk about this difficult topic in smaller groups. Once Chance and DBA delivered a session to Year 13, the programme aims to dispel myths and present factual information about exploitation, allowing students to make more informed decision if needed, it support students in being able to identify if they are being groomed and where and how to seek support. We welcomed back ‘The Up Front Theatre’ group who delivered a session on ‘Sexual Harassment’ an extremely topical issue today and one that we thought was vital to explore with students before they embarked on either the world of work or a university life, this interactive session told different stories of sexual harassment and enabled students to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and how to seek support if it was ever needed. Year 13 also took part in the Panda Anti Racism workshop that concentrated on specific issues; impact vs intent, stereotypes, mental health, biases, resilience and assertiveness, this session had been tailored to this age group and allowed for interaction amongst the students and presenter.


RSE Power Day

Power day 5Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Power Day was an extremely successful day, with sessions being specifically tailored to all year groups in the school. We welcomed several outside agencies to deliver workshops and assemblies to students. 

Up Front Theatre company who are always a favourite with the students delivered workshops in the following areas, Puberty and Emotions, Drugs and Alcohol Sex and Relationships and The Serious Chat (Mental Health). 

Daniel Spargo Foundation delivered sessions to Year 9 and 10 for the first time, these sessions were hard hitting and very factual but gave students an insight into the dangers of illegal drugs and vaping.

We also welcomed back Zara from the Panda Anti-Racism team, who delivered workshops to Year 7 and 8 around how to prevent and respond to racism. 

Midwives from MSI Reproductive Choices delivered small sessions to Year 11 and 13 students on contraception, STIs, pregnancy and consent. 

We also had a speaker from One Chance and DBA Project discussing County Lines with Years 7-10, educating them on the dangers of getting involved with the wrong people, what to do if they are asked to do something they know is wrong and where to turn to for help. Here are some other areas that were explored: 

  • Consent
  • KCC Drivers coursePower day 3
  • Vaping
  • Cooking
  • Relationships
  • Just Dance
  • Recognising and preventing bullying
  • Transport and travel
  • Financial choices
  • Mental health – accessing support


Careers Power Day

On Tuesday, 12 March, Invicta held its Careers Power Day, during which students engaged in a series of enriching activities focused on career and business opportunities. Year 7 delved into the world of business, developing creative products linked to 'James and The Giant Peach'. Meanwhile, Year 8 embraced event planning as they took on the role of wedding planners for a 'Celebrity Couple'. Year 9 students immersed themselves in STEM learning, exploring various disciplines through interactive sessions led by experts from different fields.

In the Creative Industries Challenge, Year 10 students showcased their Power day careers 33innovative prowess by designing robots to solve real-world problems. Lastly, Year 11 and 12 dedicated a day to career exploration during the Careers Power Day, engaging in interview preparation, learning about employability skills, and networking with representatives from over 40 organisations at a vibrant Careers Fair.

These enriching experiences provided invaluable opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop essential skills, and gain insights into various career pathways.


Multicultural Power Day

On Friday, 30 June 2023 the whole of Multiculture day 11Invicta was off timetable for our final Power Day of the year, the Multicultural Festival. This event was a joyous celebration of the diversity of our school and involved over 300 students running various events. Students rotated through a variety of activities and events throughout the day, all of which had an opportunity to learn about different cultures. 

There was a session of talks, where students watched video presentations from students about their culture and heritage, including on Brazil, Bulgaria, Ghana and Nigeria. We also had a video talk from one of the charities we have supported throughout the year, KRAN (Kent Refugee Action Network). Students also took part in some sports activities on the MUGA, including relay races and the hula hoop challenge.  

Multiculture day 3Outside on the Izatt plaza student volunteers ran a number of stalls, these had flags and information about different countries and students bought in an array of delicious food samples for everyone to try. 

In the Hall we had two performances, firstly the Dance Show. Students had choreographed and rehearsed routines in a variety of styles; Bollywood, Afrobeats, Nepali and KPop. The performances were phenomenal and a real credit to the effort that students had put into the show. Next up was the Fashion Show, in which two hundred students showed off the beautiful outfits that they had chosen to wear for the day. The crowd for both of these performances were really supportive of their peers, cheering and clapping throughout, which the participants really appreciated. 

Overall, it was a wonderful day, many thanks to Miss Day and Mrs Uzochuckwu for all of their hard work in the planning and running of the day and a particular thanks to all of the students who contributed. 


PSHE and Power Days Scrapbook

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Only a few hours left until Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 take on the Maidstone Football Finals at the Gallagher Stadium tonight! - Our Year 7 team will be playing in two weeks.Year 8 Kick Off: 3:45pmYear 9 Kick Off: 5:30pmYear 10 Kick Off: 6:45pmWe hope to see you there🌟 pic.twitter.com/RnVjcild4T


We are proud to announce this year's production will be James and the Giant Peach! 🍑Rehearsals are underway, and we can't wait to bring this beloved story to life on stage. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be sharing sneak peeks of rehearsals in the coming weeks!#RoaldDahl pic.twitter.com/umRTEJFoC0


With Earth Day less than two weeks away, here are some ways to be more eco-friendly and better look after our Earth!#EarthDay pic.twitter.com/2wpO09fPoq


Spring has sprung at Invicta and yesterday our Year 7 and 8 POP Photography students enjoyed the first day of spring by focussing on natural textures!#Photography pic.twitter.com/VXK4Zh7tNz


KS2 enjoyed participating in language workshops on Tuesday morning, focusing on German, French and Spanish with some students from pic.twitter.com/seA6XOjMYz


KS2 enjoyed participating in language workshops on Tuesday morning, focusing on German, French and Spanish with some students from pic.twitter.com/seA6XOjMYz


Today is International Day of Mathematics🎉 At Invicta, we're passionate about empowering our students with the boundless potential of mathematics both in and outside the classroom! Join us as we discover the magic of numbers in everyday life! pic.twitter.com/uhDfB1ToUy


Last week marked a significant moment in Invicta's history as we gathered for our whole school photo, a rare event that takes place only once every 7 years. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the day, showcasing the infectious excitement and sense of community! pic.twitter.com/Y5RDLffV0C


Today we are capturing a moment in time with a whole school photo!📸 pic.twitter.com/Hya2nGJX2H


Students had a fantastic time during last week's POP sessions (Personal Opportunities Program)!We saw students engage with a host of new and familiar favourite activities including, Chess, Coding, Minecraft, Photography, Yoga, Crochet, Nature Walks and so many more! pic.twitter.com/bSmEMQ0Yo5


Our upcoming non-uniform day supports FIGS, our parent-teacher association. The theme is "Be Active!" It's a day to dress sporty and promote physical activity and wellness.Let's show our support for FIGS while staying active and healthy!#NonUniform pic.twitter.com/MZ6ljDx4TN


I had a lovely morning visit to today. The year 8s have been studying the movement & some of the specific stories I explore in my book, of Kent. It was lovely to talk about who grew up in pic.twitter.com/e5GiWrX4zb


I had a lovely morning visit to today. The year 8s have been studying the movement & some of the specific stories I explore in my book, of Kent. It was lovely to talk about who grew up in pic.twitter.com/e5GiWrX4zb


World Book Day is just over 2 weeks away now!What are some of your favourite books that you've read so far this year, who are your favourite authors... We'd love to hear your thoughts on reading, books and literature!#WorldBookDay pic.twitter.com/tZnX6Fd8WS


Last term, our Year 9 photographers explored aperture, depth of field and composition in their work to create these stunning photographs of miniature cars, inspired by the works of Kim Leuenberger! pic.twitter.com/jYOG8pXoS1


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Last week marked the Primary Literacy Challenge! Thanks to all the teams who attended, we hope you had a great time! See you at our Primary STEM challenge next term! Congratulations to for winning! 🏆🎉 pic.twitter.com/ILU5YmABv1


A reminder to students and parents that next Monday, 5 February is a non-uniform day and students are encouraged to wear something blue or nature-themed if they have items in their wardrobe to support and raise awareness for The Marine Conservation Society 💙 pic.twitter.com/bNElZCXC2h


Today our little Shaun The Sheep was seen greeting students whilst proudly wearing the team colours! Congratulations to the team for playing an absolutely phenomenal match!🏆 pic.twitter.com/7rUrFd2EBx