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  • We're just so pleased as a family that we have both girls in such an outstanding and inspirational environment, which will provide so many wonderful opportunities.

    Parent of students in Year 6 and 8

  • Dear Julie,

    I trust that all is well with you, and that the School is going from strength to strength.

    Last evening we attended a Concert in your School, which was excellent, and we wanted to congratulate all those pupils who took part.

    The readings were really lovely and the girls were so self-assured and spoke beautifully.
    I understand that there was also help from another in the lighting department.

    Well done to them all.

    Every good wish,

    Malcolm and Brenda Greer

    Malcolm and Brenda Greer

  • Dear Mrs J Derrick,

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!

    Thank you for making my daughter Kaliopi so happy, I collected her from school last week and asked her “did you have a good day?” Her reply was “yes of course Mummy every day is a good day at Invicta! And I am so happy we picked this school” I cannot tell you how that made me feel and I just wanted to pass it on to you.

    Once again thank you for making Kaliopi feel so welcome.

    Kind regards

    Mrs Z Rainaki

    Mrs Z Rainaki

  • Dear Mrs Derrick,

    Apologies it has taken a few days to email but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the staff for their hard work and dedication over the past 7 years that our daughter has been a student at Invicta.

    We are delighted with her exam results and excited that she is now continuing her journey at University.

    She did work hard and deserved the results she got at both A level and GCSE, but she couldn't have done it without the support and nurturing of the staff, this includes teaching as well as support staff.

    I will certainly miss being a part Invicta and receiving weekly news, but I'm sure I will be back to see the odd music concert and quiz!

    Please pass our thanks on to ALL your staff for giving our daughter some amazing opportunities in her time at Invicta and for helping her to become the young lady she is today, whom we couldn't be more proud of.

    With many thanks

    Grateful Parents

    Year 13 Parents

  • Dear All

    A massive thank you for a wonderful awards evening last night.

    Having had the privilege of being at every one since inception, they just keep on getting better.

    The two speakers were outstanding and inspiring. The canapes were made with care, precision and most of all were delicious. The tables set beautifully and the variety of drinks available enjoyed on a warm evening. The skills and talents in the room were mind blowing. Thank you for your generous hospitality and creating a memorable event to commend a room full of gifted and talented students.

    Mrs Lloyd
    Mrs Lloyd thank you for nominating and awarding Stephanie last night. We were proud she received a personal award at the national competition and your recognition made the end of year 13 that much more special for us. You have developed her into a wonderful debating team member, from a shy in front of a crowd student, a skill she will carry with her for life.

    Mrs Smart
    We were grateful to be in the room to toast and thank you and be there to close your DOFE chapter and what a chapter it has been! Stephanie would never have achieved her Gold, Silver and Bronze without your extra scouting trips with your husband on your day off/weekend, strategies, accommodating adaptions and coaching. A massive THANK YOU I’m sad Harry won't get a chance to be led by you.

    I know I have only touched on a few names please let everyone involved last night what a success they created. We were grateful to be part of last nights celebration of super talented students.

    Mrs Derrick you lead from the front, you have an amazingly dedicated and wonderful team. Thank you to you all. We appreciate all you do above and beyond a normal day’s work as students, facilities staff, support staff, teachers, the senior leadership team and head. Where do you find the time!

    A massive thank you, you are all amazing.
    Kind regards

    Marissa Avraamides

  • Dear Mr Heaton

    Thank you so much for all the time, effort and encouragement you put into making last night’s concert so amazing. We have been coming to concerts at Invicta for three years now, and while they have all been fantastic, this was the best by far. The whole family are amazed by the quality and quantity of works you put on in the limited rehearsal times you have each week. Juliette is loving the opportunities she gets and they are so good for her confidence and socialising, too. The best and closest friends she has are ones she has made through the various music groups at Invicta. She’s loving orchestra, having only recently joined, and it struck me last night how wonderful it is that you can integrate players of varying levels to allow them all to be part of the orchestra and feel included and valued.

    I hope the rest of the term passes quickly and that you have a lovely summer break.

    Kind regards

    Melanie Price

  • Dear Miss Dixon

    Just a quick email to say thank you (and well done) for organising the Geography trip that Emma recently went on.

    Emma enjoyed the trip, has shared stories and photos and has taken part in an experience of a lifetime. My wife and I are very jealous!

    Please pass on our thank yous to the other staff involved.


    Lee and Elaine Billingham

  • Good evening dear Mrs Derrick!

    I hope you had a well deserved and restful holiday.

    Ilinca got back from Italy trip today. She is so excited and pleased with all this unforgettable experience. She told me: ” Mummy I have seen such an amazing landscape, I’ve learned so many things, food was so delicious and I’ve made new friends! Everything was amazing and I would like to take you there to experience the same things as me...

    Please pass all my gratitude to your lovely geography teachers who brought our girls home safe and with such a lovely memories and valuable knowledge.

    Thank you very much for everything!

    (PS: I might repeat myself but ... after 3 years passed by, I am still so excited that my daughters pass the 11+ and are Invicta Girls

    Elena Roman

  • A huge thank you to you all for taking the trip to Sorrento and Sicily. Juliette had an amazing time and has told us loads about the visits. She especially enjoyed Sicily, and Mount Etna was her favourite part. She has also made lots of good friends from travelling and staying together. We really appreciate all the time and effort that you have put into organising the trip and taking care of the students while they were away. We especially enjoyed the daily tweets and photos – it was lovely to see them all enjoying themselves.
    I hope you recover soon!

    Melanie and Richard Price

  • Hi

    Was wondering if you could pass on some feedback to whoever arranged the session with BAE Systems today that my daughter in 8T attended.

    My daughter came home completely inspired by this session, couldn’t stop talking about it, was a real hit so a massive thanks, look forward to hearing about more sessions like this!

    Kind regards

    Mother of Year 8 Student

  • Hello Nikki,

    Thank you and Kate for the amazing selection of cakes that the year 9 students made for the Heart of Kent Hospice Bluebell Walk cake table.

    We raised £900.30 on the cake table which was an incredible amount and we could not have done it without kind donations like the Students made. Please pass on my thanks to the wonderful Students.

    I am a Hospice Ambassador and do talks about the Hospice to groups and would be happy to come into School and talk to the Students who made the cakes about the Hospice and the impact that the fundraising they contribute to has on the Hospice.

    Many thanks again.

    Julia Smith

  • Dear Helen,

    It was an absolute delight to meet such bright, interesting and thoughtful students, who not only were a credit to Invicta School but were a credit to themselves as well. I thoroughly enjoyed showing them around the branch and felt they had some really worthwhile questions to ask.

    I am so pleased that they are thinking about the art work particularly for the visitor's room. It would be wonderful to have some appropriate and uplifting work to display.

    As I mentioned before it would be great if we could also collaborate on a newsletter.

    I wondered whether your students knew the beginnings of Samaritans and how it all started? Just in case...it all began in 1953, when Chad Varah (a vicar in London) heard how a 14 year old girl had taken her own life because her periods had started but she knew nothing about puberty and the changes her body would go through to become a woman. She thought she had something seriously wrong with her and was frightened about what would happen to her. Chad felt that had she been able to talk to somebody about it then she might still be alive. He set up the world’s first telephone helpline for emotional support and as we say the rest is history.

    If the girls have any further questions or need any more information then please don’t hesitate to let me know and I shall do what I can to help.

    See you next week and thank you again for bringing the girls to visit the branch.

    Best wishes,

    Sue, Director, Maidstone & Weald Samaritans

  • Dear Julie and Mr Heaton,

    I am afraid that I have no contact details for Eleanor, so would be much obliged if you could forward my very sincere thanks to her for her stunning performance at my Reception for Judge Carey in the Town Hall last week.

    Amongst those present at the Reception, including the Lord Lieutenant of Kent and Lady De L'Isle, The High Sheriff and several High Court Judges, all commented on what a talented young lady she was.

    Once again, a credit to your fantastic School.

    We must not forget her Father who drove her, carried her harp, and sat with her throughout.

    We very much appreciated this,

    If there is any support that you require from me in my remaining few weeks - I 'retire' on May 19th, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

    Best wishes

    Malcolm Greer, Mayor of Maidstone

  • Year 5 Art and Design Workshop

    A wonderfully organised event. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the enrichment provided by staff and pupils at Invicta as she begins her transition into secondary provision.

    A proud school, and rightly so!

    An appreciative Year 5 parent

  • Dear Mrs Jackson,

    Just a note to thank you so much for your recent kindness to my daughter, it is very much appreciated. She was in a lot of pain, poor thing and your exceptional thoughtfulness to her made it more bearable.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you generally for the astonishing level of pastoral care you provide to my daughter and her year group. Our family hold you in the greatest esteem and our daughter has you on the highest pedestal. Your perception and intuition with teenage minds is second to none and your care is always administered with firmness, fairness but so crucially, a kindness of heart. I am so glad our daughter has had you by her side the last few years, it has made a very positive impact on her teenage life and her passage through Invicta. You have always made her feel listened to and we really appreciate all you have done for her and the support you have given her when it really mattered.

    Kind regards

    Alison Carter

  • Dear All

    I wanted to thank you all very much for everything you did to get our daughter's UCAS forms sent off.

    She has been successful in all 5 applications that she has made to universities!

    Mrs Rivers, we appreciate your guidance and help to get to this point and Mrs Jackson we appreciate all the extra work you needed to do to get her application completed from your side.

    I know that there were numerous teachers involved in reading my daughter's personal statement and guiding her with institution and course information. Please do pass this on to all your colleagues involved with her paperwork. I don't have everyone email addresses Mrs Lloyd, Mr North, Dr Crouch, Miss Woodford, Dr Parson's and Mrs Giles without asking my daughter and I know I have missed many teachers out, apologises.

    I wanted you to share our pride in receiving 5 offers from world class institutions, it an achievement in its own right (which my daughter is sceptical to acknowledge as without the grade they mean nothing) but I think celebrating the fact that these organisations want you is a huge accolade.

    It has been years in the making to get the work experience, life skills, accolades and opportunities that my daughter has embraced at Invicta that has lead her to be in this position. Thank you to you all, you always go above and beyond. Thanks for all the extra hours you all put in, we as a family appreciate everything you do and have done for our daughter over the years.

    Kind regards and many thanks

    A Grateful Parent

  • I was reading the Invicta newsletter over the weekend and it reminded me that I wanted to send a message to thank and congratulate you for a most enjoyable and interesting evening at the Burns night supper.

    I am still telling people about it! The food was absolutely delicious, the service from the girls was world class, the traditions were so interesting, and the dancing was great fun! I am looking forward to coming along next year again!

    Congratulations to all involved in making the evening such a great success!

    Guest at Burns' Night

  • I would like to send a big thank you to you and the team of girls, boys and adults who gave us a wonderful evening of food, entertainment and dancing.

    It was truly a well organised and wonderful event.

    Guest at Burns' Night Evening

  • Thank you so much for all the wonderful workshops that your school is doing, I feel they are run so well and are really helping my daughter to look forward to the change to secondary school.

    Year 6 Parent

  • Good Morning Mrs Derrick,

    I would like to express my HUGE thanks and admiration to you and to the incredible Invicta team (including the wonderful Senior Prefect Team) for all the warm and constructive support Erin-Jane was given to put together the MsEmpowered breakfast. She was given exactly the right amount of space to own the day, but with all the support necessary to make it a success. It was wonderful to see her so energised by the entire event and it has taught her so much about the type of career path she would like to forge for herself. I am not sure there are many schools who would have nurtured E-J the way Invicta has and Brendan and I are immensely grateful. Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Michelle Roodt

  • Dear Mrs Derrick,

    I have been meaning to write for sometime and really don't want to let this slip.

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to to Invicta as a school but particularly to Miss Gulvin for the amazing help and support that has been given to our daughter.

    Since her autism diagnosis, Miss Gulvin, as our daughter's head of year, has worked so hard to support her in all her subjects and has always been there when I have needed to get help or put in extra support for her.

    English has never been our daughter's strongest subject but she seemed to be struggling more with it each year and beginning to dread each English exam. Now that she has Miss Gulvin as one of her teachers she is really enjoying studying Macbeth and feels much more confident about her exam techniques.

    Most recently Miss Gulvin and also Mrs Rivers have done all they can to secure our daughter the extra time for exams that we knew she needed.

    The mock exams over the last few weeks saw our daughter get to the end of every single exam paper for the first time ever and this makes us so happy that she now has the opportunity to fully achieve her potential. Although she hasn't got all her marks back yet, we are very proud of her achieving a strong 9 grade in her maths papers. Mr Salsbury I know was very pleased with her result and, as ever, has been very supportive and encouraging in her success.

    Thank you again for all the good work and please pass on our thanks to Miss Gulvin and all the other great teachers at Invicta.

    Appreciative Parents

  • Dear Mrs Smart

    Thank you so much for entering the junior and intermediate girls into the Schools Cross Country Cup event over recent weeks and for supporting them at each event.

    The competition has helped give my daughters more confidence, fitness and the honour of representing the school at regional and national level, for one of them.

    We are looking forward to future events!


    Grateful Parents

  • Thank you so much for inviting us to attend your Annual Business Lunch.

    Talking to your students was very inspirational, and what they are doing is fantastic. You should be so proud them'.

    Kind regards,

    Malcolm Greer, Mayor of Maidstone

  • Dear Julie,
    Just a few words email to thank you, your team and the students for an excellent Business Lunch today.
    The presentations were confident and well-expressed, giving guests a valuable insight into the great work being done by Young Chamber.
    The networking went well, and I hope the students felt they gained some useful advice.
    Thank you also for the food and drink, and the warm welcome. I'm sure guests with no previous links to the school now feel a part of the Invicta family, as the rest of us do.
    It was a great event and you must be so proud of what your Young Chamber students achieve.
    Let's hope some of them go on to join the business community in due course.
    Thanks again.
    Kindest regards

    Guest at Business Lunch

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to organise and run the Yr 6 Transition Workshop. I know that it is a lot of planning on top of your already hectic schedules, but I just wanted to reiterate from a parent's point of view what a difference these workshops can make...

    Amelie has been extremely nervous about her transition to secondary, particularly as all her friends have chosen schools in Tonbridge, so she will not know anyone starting in Yr 7 at Invicta next year. However, after yesterday's workshop she is completely re-assured. She had lots of fun, said all the girls and staff were lovely, she feels she has made friends already, Invicta is "really exciting", and that she definitely made the right decision putting it as her first choice.

    Thank you so much.

    Rachel Warner

  • Dear Mrs Derrick

    Thank you to you and your hard working team and students for all you did for the external students 6th Form Open Evening. Our son loved Invicta and although not planned, we popped into a taster Psychology lesson which was fascinating for him and for us as parents. I haven't seen any other school offering taster lessons on Open Evenings, so once again Invicta is in a league of it's own.

    Our son is keen on Classics, Psychology and Biology and each department confirmed that that was the subject for him. In some cases where he was on the edge of a subject like English Literature vs Classics, the talks with teachers and staff and seeing the subjects books, helped confirm which direction he would prefer to go. He always loved the Greek Mythology that was read to him and studied at Greek School.

    I can't thank you enough for your kind words at the end. I really don't want the chapter of life at Invicta to end, so I hope our son stays on track to make the transition to yourselves, you are his first choice. (I can't tell you how happy I was when he said that).

    As we discussed and sorry I was a bit sentimental, it is a big step to see one child leave secondary education and another apply for a very important path that in my eyes determines their future. Invicta sets each child up to have a full, varied and interesting personal statement with amazing guidance and above and beyond commitment to helping students with their UCAS applications. I know I am always wax lyrical about Invicta but it is always factually based, you are a wonderful nurturing environment that makes school exciting, giving the children valuable skills and world class opportunities and helps them achieve beyond what they think they are capable of.

    Massive thanks to everyone, the well organised car park staff, facilities team, teachers, students and all the support staff, it was a beneficial evening for prospective students and for us as parents.

    Kind regards

    Potential New Year 12 Parent

  • Dear Julie

    Im sorry to e mail you this but I don't have everyones contacts.

    Please could I pass on my thanks to all of Evie's teachers. They were professional, motivating and provided Evie with huge confidence today. Everyone made positive comments which meant that Evie has left feeling she now needs to believe in herself more. I am really grateful for them and am aware that Parents Evening must be a challenging evening for them. I'm sorry I don't have all of the e mails or names.

    I feel very lucky that she is receiving such a good secondary education.

    Kind regards

    Nicola Craig

  • Dear Mrs Smart,

    I am writing to say a huge thank you to you and your team for giving Eleanor the opportunity to achieve and learn so much whilst undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. She had such a wonderful time in Wales and you gave me the confidence to know she would be safe (because of her diabetes).

    This award is a truly wonderful experience for the girls and can only come about with the commitment of the staff and for that I am very grateful.

    I am so proud of Eleanor for all the volunteering and the outdoor activities she has undertaken as part of her Dof E and know that the whole experience will help to shape her in to an all rounded, confident, caring adult. She has been privileged to have taken part and to continue to do her gold award, all because of people like you who facilitate it.

    My heartfelt thanks

    Heather Callaghan

  • Dear All

    Just to say thank you so much for the amazing experience.

    Asha thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip and has made so many friends. In fact I have never seen her so emotional - there were more tears on the journey back from Heathrow! This might be the only time I will be saying thank goodness for social media, so she can keep in touch with everyone.

    Her host family looked after her so well and on the occasions I did get to speak to her, she always finished with, I don't want to come home! They have said to her they will keep her room available for when she has a gap year. Asha also said the trip was made by the fact she was with Ellie and Holly so thanks for that and of course a special thanks to Miss Laming.

    Best wishes.

    Diane Wright

  • Dear Mrs Marshall

    I can't thank you enough for the care and reassurance you have provided to both my daughter and myself, not only in the last two days but also in the build up to the Business Studies trip.

    My daughter loved every minute of the experience and I truly feel that this will have boosted her self confidence so much. I feel sure that we will look more positively at future trips on offer.

    Please pass on my sincere thanks to Mrs Palmer and any other staff who accompanied you on the trip. Our daughter tells us that she felt safe and cared for at all times, I just couldn't ask for any more than that.

    I feel very fortunate that both our daughters are pupils at Invicta and although both have obstacles to overcome in their young lives, with the influence of outstanding role models such as yourself, they will have the very best platform to develop and grow into confident young women.

    Kindest regards,

    Year 10 Parent

  • My daughter had set her own goal to attend Invicta Grammar and after attending many Year 5 Workshops she was even more enthusiastic to become an Invicta girl. The transition process for our daughter (and for Mum and Dad) was a great experience - resulting in no first day nerves but instead excitement.

    I have verbally expressed to members of the Senior Leadership Team my views on how the workshops provided motivation for our daughter but I feel that it is timely to now formally record my sincere thanks to all staff involved.

    With kind regards,

    Year 7 Parent

  • My husband and I have attended our daughter's consultation evening tonight. I wanted to say how very impressed we were with all of Erin's teachers. They were all very enthusiastic and complementary of Erin's learning.

    Erin loves school and we feel she could not be at a better school. She now has the challenges of choosing the best A levels for her.

    We have our youngest daughter awaiting 11+ results this week. We so hope she gets the chance at an amazing Invicta education like her sister!

    Kind regards

    Sally Cocker

  • Dear Miss Kennaird

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to send you an email to thank you for all you have done with the transition work.

    It is because of this my daughter is so excited about September.
    I am absolutely certain that the support and hard work that you have organised has made Invicta already feel so welcoming to both us as parents and to my daughter herself. Thank you.

    The taster day and all the various meetings we have attended have been thoroughly enjoyed. All the staff are so friendly smiling and warm. We have had such a positive experience throughout.

    We are both looking forward to September immensely and I just know how happy she will be there.

    Thanks again and I wish you a restful and relaxing summer.

    New Year 7 Parent

  • Dear Julie

    I Would like to share with you again my emotions and happy feelings that I had when I looked at Ilinca's end of the year report. Is getting better and better. She is a good child but you and your team helped her to become wiser Year after year . Two years past and my Ilinca is still happy and ready for the challenges and fun and enjoying going to school every day ! Thank you for that !

    Congratulations again for an amazing school production. Can't wait for next year!

    I wish you will have a lovely restful summer holiday and be ready for September, when a excited Year 7 new student Sami can't wait to take all the Invicta challenges on her hands!

    All the best wishes from a mum that appreciates you and all your hard work a lot !


    Elena Roman

  • Now the dust has settled, we just wanted to drop you an email to say a massive thank you to you and your fantastic team and especially Jessica's Maths, Politics and English teachers for all the hard work, support and encouragement that culminated in Jessica's A level results last week.

    We will always be grateful to Invicta - it was the perfect school for Jess and she has really thrived.

    She is so excited to start at LSE and I am not sure she quite realises yet what an achievement it is to get there - we are of course very proud of her.

    With best wishes

    Donna and Tony Fitzpatrick

  • Dear Julie,

    I just wanted to congratulate everyone involved in the School Production it was absolutely outstanding. I never cease to be amazed by the hugely talented Students.

    I was a proud Governor chatting to Parents saying what a wonderful School IGS is and how lucky their daughters are to be there.

    See you soon.

    Julia Smith

  • Dear Julie,

    Thank you for your hospitality last night.

    And wow what a fantastic production! Such technical difficulty but so successfully accomplished.

    Wonderful performances by actors, dancers and orchestra - and an amazing original score. Plus all the effects by the backroom team, the art department and so many behind the scenes.. A great ensemble effort.

    The programme is beautifully designed - an innovative, informative and attractive publication. Well done.

    You must be so proud of your staff and students.The actors were so confident in the interval chat. Lucy was so polished for someone so young. And I just loved the Irish Beaver!

    Many congratulations. I thoroughly enjoyed what must have been one of your very best productions.

    Guest at the performance

  • My son, Harvey Thompson, attended a primary Speaking Challenge (and came 2nd!) he had an absolutely fantastic time and now wants to join Invicta when he reaches Year 12!

    Please could you pass on my appreciation to the staff involved in this.

    Best wishes,

    Melissa Thompson

  • Dear Mrs Derrick,

    I am writing to you as my daughter, Charlotte is reaching the end of her second year.

    I would like to say how grateful I am for the continued support Charlotte has been given this year.

    Charlotte has on going health issues with her knee. Staff and friends have continued to be kind and helpful and we feel she is very happy at your school.

    I dare say as parents we are quick to complain so wanted to drop a quick note of gratitude.


    Mrs M Smale

  • Dear Julie

    I know you are aware of how amazing your DOFE team are however, they deserve to see in writing the journey they have taken my daughter on to achieve her Gold DOFE.

    Mrs Smart, Mrs Laxton and Mrs Lesbirel have put in a huge amount of work to assist her in undertaking her Adventure Service Challenge, Bronze, Silver and now amazingly her Gold DOFE.

    Great Ormond Street advised my daughter at each appointment over the years not to undertake any of the DOFE awards, this was based purely on her health at the time.

    My daughter being her was determined that for her future CV and for her working career, she would needed to undertake these awards.

    A friends husband recruits at Director level for top pharmaceutical firms and FTSE 100 companies and he still gives weight to the applicants that state they completed their DOFE. Even at that level it still has a phenomenal impact.

    She would not have achieved any of these awards without the amazing effort of Mrs Smart, Mrs Laxton and Mrs Lesbirel. They underpinned and assisted her at each stage. She was able to feel part of the group and complete the challenges set at each level of the various awards, all within the constraints that her health presented her at the time.

    As with all her achievements they have required a huge amount of paperwork in the background to set the special provisions in place. Mrs Smart went above and beyond to assess the routes, personally walking them on weekends to see where my daughter could rest and which areas were flat enough for her to walk.

    I can't thank you enough as an organisation nor as individuals for all you have done to get her to where she is now. You are all phenomenal, thank you very much.

    Kind regards

    Marissa Avraamides

  • Dear Julie, Laura, Emily, Jon, Mark and Malcolm


    Yet another outstanding performance yesterday evening. Kay and I were stunned by the whole production - well done.

    The acting, the dancing, the singing, the incidental music, the set [including the hall], the lighting, the screen images, the programme, Aslan himself; even climbing through the wardrobe doors ourselves on entry - all of the highest quality, as usual.....

    I don't have everyone's email address so please pass on our warmest congratulations to all involved - and good luck with the remaining performances.

    With all best wishes,

    Richard, MYMS Manager

  • Hi Julie,

    Congratulations and well done to everyone concerned with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Margaret and I thoroughly enjoyed the show and felt the level of professionalism and commitment was amazing across the whole production. What we particularly liked was the tangible sense that all It was a truly excellent show and everyone involved should feel justly proud.

    Thanks also for your hospitality and attention at the interval.

    Kind regards,

    David Izatt

  • Hi there,

    Caitlain loved the French class we attended during your open evening, personally I was hoping for maths or PE. Caitlain was so impressed that on the way out she said to me, 'I have to go to this school dad.'

    High praise indeed from a girl who has insisted since year R that she wanted to go to MGGS. Well done to you and the school.

    Many thanks

    Chris and Caitlain White

  • 'Outstanding School'
    Both my daughters attended Invicta, one from Year 7-11.
    The Teachers are excellent, the pastoral support is brilliant and the approach to learning is outstanding. Discipline is fairly strict as is the dress code but overall I would highly recommend this school to anyone. All schools do not have the same professional approach to teaching, other schools can certainly lean a lot from Invicta.
    We have just moved away so have had to leave, we are sorry to go and shall miss the Teaching and Management team and the comfort that our girls were in good hands.
    Well Done Invicta!!

    Martin Arundel

  • Dear Mrs Derrick,

    Firstly, I hope you are doing well and that Invicta has not fallen apart since I left!! I am just writing a small email to say thankyou. Since being at University, I've looked back at my time at Invicta and can genuinely say that it was the best two years of my life and has made me who I am now. The change between school and uni is a big one, and I found it was a time where you can reinvent yourself. Thanks to my experience at Invicta, I have become a much more confident and outgoing person which I really do have Invicta to thank. I hope this seems like a genuine thankyou because I really do mean it.

    Thanks again for everything, not just for my experiences as Head Boy, but everything that Invicta gave me.

    Sincerely, Matt Alchin

    Matt Alchin

  • Dear Julie.

    We just waved your wonderful students a tearful Bon Voyage as they left for a one nights stay in a hotel near the airport before their flight home tomorrow. I just wanted to mention what a joy it has been to host their visit. All of your students should be commended on being perfect Ambassadors of the UK. We have prepared them to now also be perfect Ambassadors of Japan.

    I had the honour of reflecting with your students on their journey today. Here are some of the comments we received from your students when asking what they think they have gained from this experience.

    "Tolerance connected to a deeper understanding of others"
    "No longer shy to ask questions"
    "I feel more cultured"
    "I have found deeper roots"

    We also made sure that Ms. Laming had an experience of a lifetime, staying in the home of a head priest of the oldest temple in Tokyo.

    Please take time to listen to and enjoy all the stories they all come back to tell you but most importantly please know that we learned just as much as they did and enjoyed every moment spent with your lovely students. They are family, much as all of Invicta for us.

    Warmest regards from your sister school in Tokyo, Japan.

    Daryoosh Matsudaira

  • Hi Mrs McHale, I just wanted to let you know, that Abby has been fortunate to have been offered a place at St Andrews uni to study chemistry. Without the support and understanding you have offered her over the last few years, she wouldn't be in the position she is in now. Abby has been so lucky to have gone to such a great school.

    Abby has had a great educational start in life and now as an adult she can make her own way. To have such a great opportunity is so amazing. Now, hopefully, she will achieve the results to be able to take her place that's been offered.

    Again thank you.

    Mrs Wallis

  • Can I firstly congratulate you, your support staff, teachers and students for a truly professional business lunch last Friday.

    Reports back from businesses that attended has truly been a credit to you all, raising the school's reputation even higher amongst the business community.

    Credit must go to you for allowing the students to have the disciplined freedom to reach new boundaries, giving them further confidence and self-belief.

    The teachers always appear full of enthusiasm in supporting the students in their endeavours, and the support staff I believe are proud to be associated with the process.

    Personally I am very proud to be so closely associated with the school and feel I have learned a lot more from your students than I have given back to them. But as a team we have pulled off some quite outstanding achievements. Long may it last.

    Richard Lavender

  • Before I leave the office for the day I wanted to just send a short note of thanks to you, your colleagues and students for extending such a warm welcome we received at the Business Lunch today.

    It was truly inspiring and encouraging to hear from and meet such forward thinking and motivated students – they are a credit to the school and, I have no doubt, each will have a great future ahead of them as a result of the support and encouragement they have received whilst studying at Invicta.

    We‘ll meet up soon, and thanks once again.

    Business Lunch - November 2016

  • To every-one involved in last night's Autumn Music Festival.
    My husband & I were blown away by the professionalism of the Music Festival. It was superb!
    The quality of the musicians playing, the vocal talents, the lighting & set up, the diversity of acts. Even down to organisation of guiding us in & out of the event. Truly amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed it.
    What's more our daughter (in year 7) is in the choir & she has loved every minute, all the rehearsals, the teaching of new songs & being part of something so fantastic!
    So, thank you from us all for putting on such a wonderful show & for allowing our daughter to be part of something so spectacular!

    Mr & Mrs MacDonald

  • Sillicone Valley Trip

    Dear Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Rush, Mrs Johnstone and Richard

    Thank you very much for everything each of you did to make the most wonderful memories for Stephanie. She enjoyed every aspect of the trip.

    Jason and I appreciate all the work that went into the trip, both beforehand and the commitment you gave and responsibilities you undertook, during the trip.

    Thank you very much for exposing Stephanie to the world class establishments, what an itinerary. They will only learn in time, how fortunate they have been, to have had first hand interactions with market leaders.

    Invicta has once again given Stephanie world class educational experiences, thank you to you all.

    Kind regards.

    Jason and Marissa Avraamides

  • Transition Workshops
    I'm in awe of the programme available for year 5 after looking through it; it's immense, you're all truly committed to it and for that I really commend all involved.

    Kind regards.

    Allison Evans

  • Date: 21 October 2016

    Dear Julie

    I am writing to congratulate you on the school's Progress 8 measure in 2016. It is very positive to see that this is well above the National Average. This means learners in your school do well when compared with their peers from the same key stage 2 starting points. This is great news for Kent.

    I am delighted to see that the proportion of pupils achieving a good or better GCSE grade in both English and mathematics also compare very well with the DfE reported figures for England.

    We appreciate that this due to good leadership and a sustained focus on ensuring high quality provision. Achieving well on both of these measures highlights consistently good or better teaching and high expectations across the school.

    My team and I look forward to working with you, your staff and Governing Body to ensure these strong results are sustained during 2016 - 17 and beyond.

    Well done to everybody.

    Yours sincerely

    Patrick Leeson
    Corporate Director
    Education and Young People's Services

    Patrick Leeson

  • Parent Open Morning
    I found the morning very beneficial and informative. I was on a tour with the 6th form history teacher and found it very reassuring to hear his thoughts and comments regarding Invicta. I enjoyed seeing the school in action and being present while the classes changed for second lesson- as a parent it was reassuring to witness the calmness and easy in which this happened!!! Following the tour I enjoyed a cup of tea and had the opportunity to talk to another year 7 parent which was a very valuable opportunity. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to a member of the leadership team Ms Bui. She was again very informative and very helpful.

    I have found all the evening events very beneficial namely - Growth Mindset, Form Tutor meeting and the open evening where my daughter was singing as part of the choir.

    My daughters education and overall development is very important to me so it has been very fortunate to have such early engagement with her new school.

    Sharon Gradwell

  • Thank you for the opportunity to visit and see the school in action. One couldn't fail to be impressed by the fantastic facilities and enthusiasm of the teachers and the well behaved girls.

    Kirsty Barber

  • Thank you for the emails regarding the parents coffee morning.

    This is now the second one I have attended and I have found them to be really helpful and informative.  They are also a great way to meet with staff and teachers in a more relaxed setting and observe the school in a more ‘natural’ and true format than other events.  I think it is also very important for my daughter to see my interest in her day at school.

    As my daughter goes through the school it is still vital to keep that contact with the staff and teachers and this is an ideal opportunity to do this; parents evening is not suitable as it is such a rush around and likewise other events are often more social, such as concerts or plays, where discussing something with a staff member would not be suitable.

    I do of course really value the time Mrs Derrick takes to chat with us and I think this is something that really sets the school apart - not many Heads openly ask their parents ‘how could we improve things and do better!” over coffee!

    A very nice morning - thank you , my only suggestion would be perhaps to do it twice a year, as if everyone cannot partake on this particular day then they have to wait another whole year (which is what happened to me last year!) and an awful lot can happen at Invicta over a year!

    With very kind regards,

    Wendy Fife

  • We recently attended your opening evening. Wow!!! My daughter who is currently in year 5 has truly been inspired to work really hard to attend Invicta grammar. My daughter can't wait to attend the familiarisation class and visit Invicta again. We'd like to thank Maddison for presenting our tour she really is a credit to you. She was polite and really informative of Invicta. Thank you Maddison for your time and knowledge.

    Katherine Grant

  • Re: County Show
    I was on duty for the entire weekend booking our volunteers in and ensuring cover to all gates, especially as different gates became busy at different times of the day, not an easy job. I met most if not all of those from Invicta and I can tell you they are brilliant and all are excellent envoys for their school, a credit to the school and to their families.
    On behalf of the Maidstone Riverside Rotary Club, a huge thank you to them and to you for coordinating the event for Invicta.
    It really was a pleasure having their support us over the weekend.
    With best wishes
    Norman Springett

    Norman Springett

  • Dear Julie, Laura, Ange, Emma, Malcolm, Mark, Jon, Kim, Liz and Claire

    I don't have all your school email addresses so please forward this to colleagues.

    Outstanding, breathtaking, superb....

    Yesterday evening's performance of The Sound of Music was all of these and much more. A combination of showcasing such incredible all-round talent, together with seeing everyone have such obvious fun.

    Congratulations - a wonderful evening. I was proud just to be there - you must all be so proud of what was achieved. Slick stage management, professional musicianship, imaginative scenery and a number of memorable performances.

    I recognise that there were so many individual contributions to make up the whole. However, I must make particular mention of both Emily Cox and Chloe Palmer. Their performances were an enormous credit to themselves and to the school.

    Well done....and thank you for the thoughtful hospitality too.

    All best wishes
    MYMS Manager

    Richard, MYMS Manager

  • Katie is certainly enjoying all the workshops she's been to so far and we'd like to extend our thanks to everyone for the effort involved in these events.

    All workshops have been very organised & the teachers have inspired & encouraged Katie.

    Katie has remembered lots of the teachers names and proved this when I was complimenting the pianist on rehearsals for the upcoming show when we walked back to our car last week and she told me who the teacher was - I was surprised she'd remembered so she's taking lots in.

    We look forward to the next workshop, open afternoon & show.

    Thank you for your continued communication throughout all events.

    Kind regards

    Allison Evans

    Allison Evans

  • Thank you so much for running the Yr 5 transition programme. My daughter has really enjoyed everyone she has attended and has been inspired to work hard to get to Invicta. So whether she makes it or not, they have had a big impact on her.

    Thank you


    Mother of Year 5 Pupil

  • Dear Mrs Derrick

    I wanted to write to you to express how wonderful I thought last nights "Awards Evening" was. My husband and I thought it was inspirational, and were truly impressed and amazed at the achievements of the girls, and the support of the staff at Invicta.

    My daughter Chloe Anderson, (9A) went away with a real sense of recognition from the school for her voluntary work with the disabled. She adores working at a riding centre for disabled children and adults, and has now done so for 3 years. She gets a real sense of achievement just by seeing a young disabled rider laugh, smile or forget their problems whilst riding a horse. However for the school to recognise her commitment to this work is fantastic. Thank you.

    The evening was a real honour to attend. To hear stories of past and present students achievements and success a real inspiration.

    Chloe really enjoyed being part of the evening. She continues her voluntary work at Leybourne Grange Riding Centre for the Disabled over the summer holiday with a renewed sense of vigour and purpose.

    Thank you for involving us in this superb evening.

    Kindest Regards

    Julia Anderson

    Julia Anderson

  • I am not sure whether you remember, my daughter. My dear friends recommended Invicta to her as a fabulous school to undertake her A Levels. She had applied to another Grammar School in Maidstone who were not interested in her. You were kind enough to accept her. She performed way above her expectations in those exams , and went to Surrey University to study Sociology. This would not have been open to her had she not done so well. I wanted to share with you her news today, in that she has received a First Class Honours. She will be going to Canterbury in September to start her PGCE, and hopefully in to a teaching post in 2017. Thank you for trusting our friend's opinion of her and for giving her a chance.

    Kind regards

    Parent of Former Student

    Mother of Former Student

  • Marissa Avraamides

    A very big thank you to everyone involved in the awards celebration last night. From nominating the students, to drawing and catering for an event of this magnitude. This requires hours of work behind the scenes. As parents I wanted to filter back that everything was greatly appreciated.

    Jason and I felt very honoured to witness the wonderful celebration of very talented and driven students. All above and beyond their academic achievements. We were very proud of Stephanie and all the students honoured.

    Many thanks to you all.
    Kind regards
    Marissa Avraamides

    Marissa Avraamides

  • Thank you so much for all of the workshops Katie has attended this year. They have been a wonderful help already in getting her ready for the big change next year and we will certainly be booking in for next year's programme for Year 6 as soon as the dates go up. It is fantastic that you invest so much time in doing such a comprehensive transition programme and recognise what a big jump it is for many pupils.

    Best wishes Dawn

    Dawn Williams

  • Dear Mrs Derrick

    It was a pleasure to meet you personally this evening and thank you for the opportunity to get an understanding of the ethos of your school.

    My daughter's mother, an ex pupil, has for years stated that Invicta was the senior school she'd like our daughter to go to, and now I have a better understanding of why. Tonight I brought home a daughter who was inspired and determined to ensure she joins you in September 2017.

    All of the pupils we met were a credit to you and your staff, and in particular Patricia, who spoke and presented eloquently and was also our personal pupil helper in the Biology DNA taster class. Please thank and congratulate her for me.

    Kind regards

    Prospective Parent

    Prospective Parent

  • Dear Mr Riley and Mr Heaton

    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making the 70s concert last week such fun and such a success. As an audience member, it was brilliant to watch all the talented performers and enjoy their renditions of some real classics. However, my daughter, Juliette, also thoroughly enjoyed singing in it and seeing what the other students did as well.

    Thank you again for everything you do to make the music at Invicta so amazing – both for us to listen to and for the students to perform. Juliette loves Invicta, but it is the music department for her which really makes the school extra special.


    Melanie Price

    Melanie Price

  • Dear Mrs Derrick,

    I would be very grateful if you could pass on a massive thank you to all those involved in this years ski trip. Emily and Becky had a fabulous time! I know how much time is involved in organising these trips, including staff giving up a week of their holiday and I would like them to know it's very much appreciated! The ski trip is a fantastic opportunity for the girls to try something new with their friends, and already the girls are pestering us to let them go again!

    Kind regards,

    Helen Rowe

    Helen Rowe

  • Thank you very much for the crafts workshop. My daughter Isabella had a wonderful time and is now so excited about starting at Invicta in September.

    Indeed, all of the workshops that you've organised have really helped Isabella to get over any worries she had about the transition from primary to secondary and thanks to you she is feeling very positive about moving on to the next stage of her education. We are delighted that her new school will be Invicta and are looking forward to attending the New Entrants' meeting next week.

    Kind regards

    Miranda Campbell

    Miranda Campbell

  • Izzy and I attended the CSI event on Monday evening.
    I just wanted to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed the event and would like to thank everyone who was involved in its organisation. I would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks.
    We are very much looking forward to next Monday's STEM event now!
    Kind regards
    Tracey Shelley

    Mrs Tracey Shelley

  • Emily Brewster - African Revival

    At African Revival, we are very fortunate to be supported by a wide range of individuals and organisations. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the dedication and hard work of Invicta Grammar School's Young Chamber Group, who have kindly chosen to support us with a number of fundraising events this year.

    In January, Invicta hosted a Burns Night Supper which proved very successful! We are now looking forward to their Royal Ascot Race Night on 19 March 2016. Guests, no doubt dressed to the nines, will take part by betting on virtual races projected onto a large screen for all to see. Other entertainment is also promised, along with that classic fundraising tool - a raffle! We can't wait to hear how much of a splendid evening all the guests have had, and look forward to hearing the final result of the group's wonderful fundraising efforts!

    It is through the support of organisations and individuals such as this Young Chamber group that African Revival is able to carry out our education and community empowerment projects in Uganda and Zambia. If you think your business, school, or pals would like to get involved by organising a fundraising event, but need a little inspiration to get you started, please get in contact! We are full of ideas and can support you through your plans to build a fun, exciting and successful fundraising event.

    Emily Brewster - African Revival

  • These workshops have been absolutely brilliant. My daughter has done many of these and each and every single one she has come home full of news of her experience.
    In the past she has lacked confidence in unfamiliar surroundings with new people.

    These workshops have done wonders for her self esteem and she is now contended being dropped off without me hovering checking shes ok. She is also comfortable even if there are girls that aren't from her primary school. Each session provides familiar faces.

    The staff at each and every workshop welcome both me and daughter so warmly. This is a huge credit to you all given the demanding week I am sure each have had at school and to be bright and breezy first thing on a Saturday morning is really wonderful.

    Thank you so very very much. These events don't just happen so a huge thanks for all planning logistics and organisation that goes on behind the scenes.

    We are looking forward to the rest of the forthcoming workshops.
    With appreciation and gratitude.

    Elaine Tugwell.

    Elaine Tugwell

  • Dear Julie, Malcolm and Mark

    My congratulations to you and all the students and staff involved yesterday evening in yet another splendid Carol Service.

    I am very grateful for the invitation to share the evening with you all and the hospitality whilst there.

    I was very impressed by the carol arrangements by Malcolm and Mark. You are indeed fortunate to have such gifted and creative musicians on the staff. You also have such consistently high presentation standards, as exemplified by your service sheets. No wonder the church was packed. Well done.

    My very best wishes to everyone at Invicta from all of us at MYMS for a very Happy Christmas.

    MYMS Manager

    Richard - MYMS Manager

  • 11+ Open Evening -

    Dear Mrs Derrrick
    We would like to thank you, your team of staff and students for a wonderful evening last week where we attended the Invicta Grammar Open Evening. We were fortunate to attend the first presentation followed by a detailed and most informative tour by Eloise C (class 10C) and her peer.
    Eloise was an absolute delight and we want to express our thanks to her and praise her thoughtfulness especially with Eleanor who was very quiet absorbing the many different experiences during our tour! Eloise shared some of her own experiences as a Year 7 student which resonated with Eleanor and this helped enormously.
    Although our daughter is currently in Year 5, as a family we thought it would be helpful to gain an insight at this point in her education to experience all aspects of life at Invicta.
    Our visit has certainly reaffirmed the need for our daughter to continue with her conscientious and enthusiastic approach to learning during her last 2 years at her primary school with her target being to become an Invicta Student!
    Thank you to everyone involved and we look forward to attending future events as appropriate.
    Kind regards
    Prospective Parents

    Prospective Parents

  • 11+ Open Evening - My daughter and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your open evening last night. It was very informative, well organised and great fun. I have a daughter in year ten it Invicta, so we already love your school, but it was so great to come with my youngest daughter and be impressed all over again.
    Massive thanks to our lovely guides Yasemin Dolmaci from year 8 and Abbie from year 12. They gave us so much great information and answered all our questions.
    Many thanks also to Stephanie Avraamedes who helped Charlotte with the history quiz. She was brilliant with my daughter and a real credit to your school.
    We look forward to visiting Invicta again in the future.
    Kind regards, Michelle and Charlotte Payne.

    Michelle Payne

  • 11+ Open Evening - We attended your open evening with our daughter and I just wanted to send an email to say how impressed we were with the school. As a former pupil things, since I was there, have changed some what but all those changes seem to be for the better. The staff and all the pupils were very helpful and informative. I would especially like to thank the two lovely girls who showed us around. Zara year 8 and Michalina year 11. They were so helpful, knowledgable and a credit to the school.
    Kind regards Claire Barber

    Claire Barber

  • I felt I had to write after my lovely afternoon at your school spent in the presence of two of my former pupils Madi and Kalina. They were so enthusiastic and positive about every aspect of their school life. It was nice to see how they had settled in and grown in confidence.

    Becky Phillips, Kingswood School

  • Dear Mrs Derrick

    We were so thrilled to see Josie's A2 results last week and more importantly that she had been successful in securing her place at Exeter University to study Business Management.

    We know how very hard she has worked over the last two years in particular, and how her results seem to have improved considerably since she has been in the sixth form. We also know that in no small way Invicta has made a major contribution to her successes, so we wanted to thank-you and her teachers from the bottom of our hearts for the dedication and enthusiasm of you and your colleagues.

    Through going to Invicta we really believe she has been supported to reach her full potential at school and is now ready to move into student life!

    Josie is really looking forward to the next phase in her life and we think that with some of the skills and motivation to learn that she has acquired at Invicta she will do really well.

    Thank-you all and best wishes for the school in the future.

    Best wishes

    Jane Heeley and David Southon

    Parents of Josie Southon

    Jane Heeley

  • Grease Production - Mrs Derrick, I would like to say what a fantastic show Grace and I enjoyed last night. As always it was faultless. The orchestra where on fine form and the sound and lighting crew and the stage hands were kept very busy. Not forgetting everyone back stage helping with make up costumes and all the fine details.

    Also a huge well done to all the cast they were in wonderful voice. I couldn't choose a favourite as they all did extremely well and there appeared to be no first night nerves! A very talented cast, some of whom I think we may see on stage in the future.

    Again a well done to all involved and good luck for the rest of the performances.
    Niki Elliot

    Niki Elliot

  • We would just to like to compliment the school and the students both Spanish and British on a fab exchange. All the students we had the pleasure of meeting over the past week were polite, fun and gave us all a smile. We absolutely loved having Mariia here to stay and are very proud of how all the girls and boys looked after one another and organised themselves. We are very lucky to live where we do and be able to take advantage of each others taxiing to and fro and share entertaining the exchange students and theirs hosts. Well done girls, boys and Invicta. It was a pleasure.
    Many thanks and kind Regards
    The Sowery Family

    The Sowery Family

  • 24 March - We have just came back from the Spring Concert and I wanted to say a big thank you and well done to you and to all of your team and to all young musicians who have put together such a wonderful concert.
    I was born in Moscow, and for all Russians, music plays an key role in our culture. I always felt its very important to introduce young children to the power of classical music.
    Maria, from a young age, was taken to see ballets in Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre of beautiful Tchaikovsky music and I cannot even count how many times we went together as a family to enjoy operas, symphonies, Proms and concerts in the Royal Albert Hall.. Magic power of a live orchestra playing in front of you gives everyone such a joy which cannot be explained in words. And today we all certainly saw it - beautiful music performed by very talented musicians which moves people's hearts. And, in fact, this concert made me think how happy I am that Maria is part of such a great Choir family in Invicta and how lovely to see girls performing with such a passion and enthusiasm..

    This concert was also a great showcase on how much Music Department is involved in our daughter's education in Invicta and what a high standard can be achieved when you have great team mixed with great talents.

    Anyway - than you very much for such a fantastic evening and for all your hard work in supporting Music in Invicta.
    Best regards, Katerina Bragin (Maria's mum 7N)

    Katerina Bragin

  • Year 7 Curriculum Evening - I wanted to say a big thank-you to you and the leadership team for an excellent evening last Wednesday.

    The insight for me as a parent was illuminating. I could start to visualize the journey the girls are taking so much more clearly and not only understand what they will be experiencing, but how important my contribution and support as a parent is going to be. The world is changing and we need to equip the girls at home as well as you are at school for a brave new world. So thank you for giving me that information and encouragement.

    But yet again, the overwhelming impression the evening left me with is that my daughters are in safe hands with the team at Invicta. What exciting opportunities and options are waiting for them. I'm really excited for them.

    Best regards.

    Michelle Roodt

  • November 2014 - Following the Curriculum Evening last night I just wanted to say how interesting, informative and motivating I found the whole experience. I already know that as a family we have selected the right school for our daughter. She is enjoying her Invicta experience and has settled in well. Your team clearly has the best interests of the girls at heart. What really hit home to me last night is that no stone is left unturned to ensure that the girls are given every possible opportunity and encouragement to fly!

    Congratulations to you and your team for a very enlightening experience last night and for everything you are doing to prepare the girls to meet the challenges ahead of them.

    Year 7 Parent

  • October 2014 - I just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you on the most amazing Open Evening I have ever attended.

    We moved to Sutton Valence 4 years ago from Beckenham, and my older children missed the opportunity to sit the 11 plus and therefore now attend Homewood.

    My youngest, is a bright spark to say the least so I thought I would start to check out the local Grammar schools and get a little "ahead of the game". She is 8 years old and in year 4 at Sutton Valence Primary.

    We were both so impressed with all your hard work in producing the most fabulous Open Evening. My daughter did not want to leave that night and is now working really hard to pass her 11 plus and obtain a place at the only school she wants to go to: Invicta.

    We realise it is a long journey ahead and places are limited so I am keeping her feet firmly on the ground but I have to admire her spirit and determination and am quite proud of her for that.

    So thanks again for a totally brilliant evening. The opening welcome, the speeches from the current students, the teachers interest in their subjects, the students taking us around, the refreshments, the guide dogs, the immaculate school and new reading room were just a few of the memorable aspects to the introduction to your school.

    We hope to see you again. In fact, my daughter will insist we come to every event at Invicta until she (hopefully) joins. If you run any Primary School events, please let us know as my daughter would love to attend.

    Prospective Parent

  • October 2014. What a school you have. We are all convinced it is the right place for Arabella. We went also to MGGS and doing similar next week also with WOKS, but in no way can the exceed what we have seen today . It was lovely that we had someone from Discovery show us around as not only Arabella knew Rebecca but also I did as met her through being a governor. We also saw Lauren and already they have grown up just a little bit more. Two things I wish I was going back to school if it was like your school and secondly you should show David Cameron around and say to him all schools should be like this not just the very best ones .

    Simon Whatling

  • October 2014. To all involved in the Invicta Open Evening yesterday,

    a note of thanks for the time and effort that everyone put into the Open Evening. My daughter, Abi, and I were made to feel very welcome upon arrival and we were expertly shown around by Erin C and Lilu who warmed up wonderfully with Abi once they had got over their initial nerves.

    We loved the facilities, particularly the arts department, and enjoyed meeting the pupils & staff who were so willing to share their passion. Needless to say, we were blown away by quality of the presentation which was beautifully balanced between showcasing the girls' capabilities/achievements and articulating the high quality of leadership in place.

    All in all, we had a inspiring evening that deserves recognition - you should all be very proud of what you have created at Invicta and I could ask no more for my daughter. Fingers crossed for results day.

    Luke Collins

    Luke Collins

  • Demelza were very fortunate to have the support of Invicta Grammar School last academic year; Not only were we selected as one of the school's RAG charities, we also had your Year 7 participate in our Schools Enterprise Scheme.

    We supplied the year group who took part in the enterprise scheme with 100 pounds (sponsored by Berkeley Homes) and they raised a total of 2400 pounds by the end of the year- I am really pleased to tell you that of all the schools who took part in the scheme, Invicta came second which is absolutely fantastic!
    Many Thanks
    Hannah Shotton
    Community Fundraiser

    Demelza House

  • September 2014 - On behalf of the Rotary Club of Maidstone Riverside I would like to thank all those involved - staff and students - with organising the Murder Mystery evening at Invicta last Saturday. It was not only professionally run it was a VERY enjoyable evening, even if we in Rotary didn't fully solve the murder mystery.

    Of special mention are the Invicta students - they are so mature, articulate and personable, and are a credit to Invicta and of course their parents/guardians. An example of youth at its very best.

    With best wishes.

    Rotarian Steve Elms.
    Rotary Club of Maidstone Riverside.

    Steve Elms

  • September 2014 - We are delighted our daughter has finally started Invicta. She loved every moment of her first week. She is so excited to start her first whole week. She came home with a huge smile on her face saying she never wants to leave.

    New Year 7 Parent

  • I am thrilled that my daughter will be receiving a fabulous education from what is considered the best school in Maidstone. Only Friday she came home sobbing that she didn't want to leave primary school but know she can't stop nagging me to go in to town so she can get the last things she needs. In her leavers assembly, I couldn't help but to cry, to see my little girl growing up in to a lovely young lady. She has spent the whole of the weekend trying to ''unkiddify'' her bedroom. I can't wait until she comes home and tells me how 'EPIC' her first day was.

    Kindest regards, Future Year 7 Parent

    New Year 7 Students Parent


    The production yesterday evening was outstanding, breathtaking and richly deserving of its standing ovation. Kay and I were simply delighted to be there. Please pass our congratulations on to everyone associated with it. [I will be writing personal emails to some of your colleagues anyway.]

    Thank you so much to you, Phil and Liz for your excellent hospitality. It was quite simply a memorable evening.

    With warmest wishes
    MYMS Manager

    Richard Gretton

  • Wow, what a fantastic performance last night. I thoroughly enjoyed another incredibly high standard and professional event.
    The whole production was excellent and not just the performers but also the direction, the music, the lighting and the effects.
    So well done to everyone concerned and especially the talented students.
    Regards David

    David Izatt

  • I am delighted as I am joining Invicta in September. I am looking forward to my taster day in July. I have already decided the pencil case I am going to have. I am a bit frightened as I will have to say good-bye to most of my friends. I am sure I am going to make many more in September.

    Poppy Peck

  • What a wonderful Gershwin concert last night Malcolm - you have really made fantastic headway with the students bringing on so many so quickly to a very professional standard. Apart from the fact that Mike and I both love Gershwin and were very interested in the clips you showed and some of the history of it all, the orchestra, the singing and the soloists added to the enjoyment in spades. Thank you for a superb evening and please do pass our thanks to all the music staff and students.......not forgetting another wonderful performance from Brian.

    Congratulations and well done.....long may it continue!

    Judi Taylor

  • I think that being a buddy is a great opportunity for the new students to meet new friends. When I came to Invicta I had a buddy. She helped me get around the school quickly in time for lessons, and she always check that I was settling in well, and that is what I intend to do with my buddy. Thank you for giving everyone this opportunity to be a new friend.

    Jasmine Etheridge

  • There is only a few more weeks until we find out which school we have been allocated. Hopefully, it will be the school everyone hoped for! Fingers crossed its nvicta!

    Poppy Peck

  • I am in year 6 at Molehill Copse Primary Academy and i have put Invicta as my first choice. When I looked around i was stunned. I know a few girls who come to Invicta [ from my dance school} and they have all said Invicta is amazing. The guides who showed me and my friend Caitlin around were so friendly and kind. Unfortunatley, my friend Caitlin did not pass so i am a bit afraid if i go to Invicta alone. But after watching your ' making friends' video i am not so afraid. Thank you teachers, thank you girls, thank you Mrs Derrick

    Poppy Peck

  • My daughter Orla Morris is presently in year 5 at Benenden primary School. She really wants to go to your school and I know she will flourish and grow into an amazing, vibrant woman - with your help.
    May I take this opportunity to say how exciting it was for both of us to go around your school the other evening. It was really refreshing to see a state school expect and deliver really high standards of care and education for their children.
    Each child we spoke to was a credit to the school. They were engaged, articulate and a pleasure to talk to. As a mum I would be really proud if my daughter came through the education system just the same as these girls.
    It reminded me do much of my school. I realise what a privilege this would be for my daughter.
    Thank you so much.

    Caroline Morris

  • I am just writing to thank you, and all the teachers who played a part in the education of my daughter Rebekah Hoad, for everything you have done for her during her time at Invicta.

    It has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us, with absences, course changes, dropped subjects, late coursework and a number of other challenges, but with your help Rebekah did enough to get her place at Cardiff Met to study Architectural Technology. I am very proud of her, and very grateful to you and your colleagues.

    I know Invicta is a great school academically - the facilities and teaching standards are better than many fee-paying schools - but what has impressed me most about the way you have helped Rebekah is that you look for a way forward in every situation. All students go through problems, but you always have a positive suggestion to make things better, and for a stressed parent with a hormonal teenager that is a real help and a comfort. You were as committed as I was to making sure my daughter reached her potential (however challenging that might be!), and I really think that is one of the best things about Invicta.

    I am delighted at how things have turned out for Becks as she is really enthusiastic about university, and she finally seems to be growing up a bit.

    Many thanks to you all. I have no more children to go through the system now, but I will always be a big fan of the school!

    Lynda Brooks

  • Invicta Awards Event - We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was impeccably organised and brilliantly conducted throughout from red carpet, professional welcome, presentations and awards. Katy-Jayne felt special and we were proud to be part of this amazing event.

    Huge well done to all and thank you.

    Tracy Chambers

  • Wow! What a brilliant idea - so much better than bits of paper and trying to fit appointments in gaps. A vast improvement. So simple to use and adjust to get appointments into the right place. Well done.

    Feedback comment regarding the electronic Parents Evening Booking System

  • Romeo and Juliet Production - What can I say! So many thanks for inviting us to tonight's production. Eden and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! "Best play I've ever been to mummy!' For an 11 yr old, up since 6 and on the bus at 7.30 for her taster day, that was high praise indeed!
    Every aspect was fantastic! The contemporary interpretation was absolutely amazing and so refreshing. The choice of music was so appropriate and I think I want to marry you was 'just the best mum!'
    Our evening was thoroughly enjoyable from entry to exit. What a supreme effort was made by all to learn copious lines, perfect delivery and comedic timing. Those girls and boys must have worked tirelessly. What budding thespians you have nurtured!
    I could go on!

    Jo Glazebrook

  • Taster Day - Eden was delighted to speak with Mrs Derrick at the taster day and was overwhelmed to receive a personal letter too. What super encouragement.

    Jo Glazebrook

  • Invicta Awards Celebration 3rd July 2013 - I would just like to say a BIG thank you and well done for Wednesday evening - it was so professionally presented and The Letchford-JonesFamily all felt very proud and privileged to be invited to the first ofthese events. Nicholas (mini Christopher) was so pleased he took theopportunity to represent his brother so that he could accept his award on his behalf. As soon as we got home he text his brother out in Denmark to tell him the good news. We will obtain copies of the photographs taken that evening so that we can have a lasting record of Christopher's achievement at Invicta.

    Letchford-Jones Family

  • I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was meeting a couple of your students who acted as our guides at the 11+ Open morning yesterday. Rebecca Larkman and Megan Pankhurst were very polite, knowledgable, positive & friendly. It was lovely to be shown around the school by them who were genuinely enthusiastic and happy to be there. I have already contacted Rebecca's mum direct but I would be grateful if you could pass on our thanks to them for doing such a good job. My daughter and I are now looking forward to our next visit to your school. Thank you.

    Claire Whitenstall

  • Year 6 transition programme -

    I felt compelled to email to say thank you to everyone at Invicta Grammar School for the truly outstanding transition programme for year six students.

    My daughter will be coming to the school in September, and right from her first visit at Taster day last June we have all been impressed with the school. The warm, friendly welcome from staff and students alike has made every visit a pleasure.

    My daughter Laura has greatly enjoyed the transition workshops, the language workshop and the cinema trip. She has been full of beans as she recounts what she has done and the people she has met.

    You are obviously very experienced in dealing with the worries of both parents and girls about the daunting move to secondary school. The various opportunities to visit the school and meet other new students has taken away all of Laura's fears and she is so excited to be joining the school.

    I know that organising a comprehensive programme such as this must be extremely time consuming, so feel it is only right to let you know how gratefully it has been received.

    Kind regards

    Joanne Meredith

  • "I would just add how fantastic these sessions have been. Abigail has been on about 7 and it has really spurred her on to work hard at the 11+ so that she can apply for Invicta."

    Feedback on the Year 5 Workshops

  • I have just finished booking Holly's consultation times online and I found the whole process very easy and straight forward and certainly feel this system would make it far easier in future.

    Mrs Nuttall

  • "A much better system than leaving it to the students to make appointments! In the past my daughters have only selected the teachers they want me to see and they have chosen consecutive times for appointments - impossible when you are in the hall for one and then in the science labs for the next! System is very user friendly."
    "Very efficient and easy to use."
    "The booking system is so much better this way rather than our daughter struggling to obtain appointments."
    "Have to say that was absolutely brilliant!!! Well done!"
    "This booking system is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations on it's introduction."
    "I think that the parents evening system is good because it is quick and easy."
    "Fantastic system I love it!"

    Feedback comments from electronic Parents Evening Booking System

  • I have just attended the Year 5 Open Evening and I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic event. My daughter has come away very excited and bubbling with enthusiasm for the school. So, thank you and all the pupils who contributed. We attended the cookery lesson which was brilliant.

    Helen Kirk-Brown

  • Of all the websites that I looked at the Invicta site is streets ahead in terms of branding and messaging and looked like a great match for Lily. Given I first looked at this site when we lived in London I didn't really have very much prior knowledge of the school so I was keen to see if the school did 'live the brand' rather than the website having been created by a good marketing agency. To our relief the website is a great reflection of the school and the brand is genuine - given I work in marketing and with lots of agencies I tend to be a bit sceptical at times!!

    Nikki McGuire

  • Just to let you know Lily had a great time at the treasure hunt yesterday. She came home with a big smile talking about Caitlin, Jasmin, Katie and Sophia. When we spoke about Invicta at bedtime she said she was no longer anxious about being the new girl and confident she would make friends.

    Thank you to you and your team for orchestrating introductions and making Lily feel so welcome. She is looking forward to the cinema trip!

    Nikki McGuire

  • It was lovely to meet you and the other staff last night and may I thank you for a truly enjoyable evening, which has already helped ease my fears and also has Mia very excited about her new school.

    Hannah Walters

  • "It was a bit of a rush to get there in time without taking my daughter out of her current school early, but she had a lovely time and I think these workshops are a great idea to get the children used to coming to the school." - feedback from a parent.

    Invicta 2020 Vision, Transition Workshop on 12 February 2013

  • "I learnt lots about Scratch but I would have liked to interact more with the other girls during the workshop. I had a great time!" - feedback from a student who attended.

    Invicta 2020 Vision, Transition Workshop on 12 February 2013

  • "Much easier to make appointments myself."

    "System is very user friendly and easy to arrange appointments."

    "A fantastic and fast way to book! The system was very simple and user friendly. Well done Invicta!"

    "This is a brilliant system. Thank you - really clear and easy to use. I wish all schools did it!"

    "At first thought it was going to be complicated especially when I saw the timetable but was pleasantly surprised to how easy it was! Much better and quicker than relying on my daughter to arrange appointments."

    "This is a fantastic idea and easy to use. A much improved system."

    "Quick and easy. Good system. We have the flexibility to choose times we want without having to rely on our daughter. Very impressed!"

    "This is a brilliant system!! (Assuming it all works on the night!) So quick and easy. Thank you."

    "This system of booking on line is excellent and takes the responsibility away from my daughter and to me where I can book them when I am free."

    "This is a very good system easy to use and the ability to change appointments a useful tool. We can also be more in control of which teachers we want to see. The option to be able to add a comment before is also a good idea."

    "An excellent system - thank you Invicta!"

    "Love this system, much better than getting my daughter to make the appointments."

    "Great idea. So much easier than having my daughter traipse around classes trying to find out when each of her teachers is free. Very easy to use." "Such a great improvement - much better system, thank you."

    Feedback comments from electronic Parents Evening Booking System

  • We found Invicta's presentations and information hand-outs to be the best across all schools we visited. You gave a real positive message and I have to say that both our daughter and us will agree that the proof of what was said has certainly been demonstrated in the last few months.
    It is a 'very well done' to you and your colleagues. We are extremely grateful.

    Philip Donnay

  • Very good workshop, gave my daughter a good insight into team building and familiarising herself with the school.

    Yasmin Mills

  • I wanted to write to express my thanks to you and your wonderful team of teachers for a very enjoyable, enlightening and informative evening yesterday.
    The idea to put the parents into the student role was a super way to help us understand what our daughters experience and helped us to understand the curriculum.
    Yet again another late night for you all, but it was extremely worthwhile. I would be grateful if you pass on my thanks to everyone who helped to facilitate the evening and for their dedication and enthusiasm.
    With our thanks, (parents of Eleanor)

    Heather Callaghan and Nick Inge

  • Thank you for the opportunity to attend your event on Friday. We have seen quite a few schools on a day to day basis and I have to say, from a personal point of view, that I think that your school really does stand out in the forward thinking attitude and confidence that you install in your girls. We both think that the Outstanding Ofsted award was a well-deserved accolade.

    Heather Nowak

  • Curriculum Evening - I would like to say thank you to all the staff that made last night possible. It was lovely to get a better idea of Ella's school day and I have come away with a much better idea of how to help her progress. She is very lucky to be learning is such a wonderful enviroment, with such enthusiastic staff.

    Julie Palmer

  • Mrs Derrick
    I thought I should write to congratulate you and your senior team on your excellent OFSTED report. I have read the report and I know how hard it is to get such a fantastic report under the new regime. It reads very well and reflects my own experience as a parent - the school's teaching and learning strategies seem spot on and you communicate very well with both students and parents. After the challenge of days with the Ofsted inspector I wish you a very relaxing half term!

    Richard Carter

  • Thank you very much for sharing the excellent results following the recent Ofsted visit.
    Notwithstanding the ease in which Caitlin and Bryony have settled into their new routines at school thanks to the fantastic on-boarding sessions, the Outstanding accreditation across all categories is yet another reason why we are so very pleased the girls chose Invicta as their secondary school. I know they were feeling particularly proud of their school yesterday.
    Congratulations to you all.

    Laurie Boeshart

  • I would like to convey my delight, regarding Invicta's recent Ofsted Report. Fantastic. Thoroughly deserved. Invicta was one of seven schools that we visited last year, before we even knew the results of the 11 plus. And this was my first choice in Secondary Education for my daughter, although I didn't want to raise my hopes too much, in case of disappointment! I KNEW that this was THE school for her.
    And I was so right! Anna has 'taken' to Invicta, like a duck to water, and just loves it - so much so, that she wants to go back to her Primary School, and recommend it to everyone!!

    Georgie Laite

  • 'Loved it' 'Loved learning new stuff' 'Made new friends' 'Really fun'
    'Learnt loads' 'Met new teachers' 'It was brilliant' 'Defiantly want to come back' 'Doing pentominoes and tangrams' 'Everything' 'Liked working in groups' 'Loved doing the poster' 'It has been superb, the best day ever' 'All of it' 'I have had a brilliant time' 'A very lovely teacher and 6th formers' 'Super but a bit tricky' 'Thank you' 'Learnt lots about maths' 'Hope I remain here for Grammar'.

    Feedback Comments from Maths Workshop

  • Niamh is still loving every second of school. She comes home raving about her great teachers and fabulous lessons every day. I can't tell you how pleased we are with this. What's really fantastic is the fact that Kiana is seeing her positive attitude and is really motivated to 'join' her sister. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

    Michelle Gollan

  • We have just collected our daughter Niamh after her first day at Invicta. She has had an amazing day. All her initial worries have vanished and she is looking forward to tomorrow already. Thank you for making it such a fabulous transition - we firmly believe that the time she spent with you at these G&T workshops helped her to feel part of the school even before she began. Thanks.

    Michelle Gollan

Twitter Wall

Twitter Wall



Last week, our Orchestra had their final rehearsal before Year 13 began their study leave, marking the occasion with a photo capturing all the instruments in harmony🎼We look forward to welcoming back the full Orchestra with the Year 13 members for the upcoming Summer Concert! pic.twitter.com/Am4loN20Vk


Only a few hours left until Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 take on the Maidstone Football Finals at the Gallagher Stadium tonight! - Our Year 7 team will be playing in two weeks.Year 8 Kick Off: 3:45pmYear 9 Kick Off: 5:30pmYear 10 Kick Off: 6:45pmWe hope to see you there🌟 pic.twitter.com/RnVjcild4T


We are proud to announce this year's production will be James and the Giant Peach! 🍑Rehearsals are underway, and we can't wait to bring this beloved story to life on stage. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be sharing sneak peeks of rehearsals in the coming weeks!#RoaldDahl pic.twitter.com/umRTEJFoC0


With Earth Day less than two weeks away, here are some ways to be more eco-friendly and better look after our Earth!#EarthDay pic.twitter.com/2wpO09fPoq


Spring has sprung at Invicta and yesterday our Year 7 and 8 POP Photography students enjoyed the first day of spring by focussing on natural textures!#Photography pic.twitter.com/VXK4Zh7tNz


KS2 enjoyed participating in language workshops on Tuesday morning, focusing on German, French and Spanish with some students from pic.twitter.com/seA6XOjMYz


KS2 enjoyed participating in language workshops on Tuesday morning, focusing on German, French and Spanish with some students from pic.twitter.com/seA6XOjMYz


Today is International Day of Mathematics🎉 At Invicta, we're passionate about empowering our students with the boundless potential of mathematics both in and outside the classroom! Join us as we discover the magic of numbers in everyday life! pic.twitter.com/uhDfB1ToUy


Last week marked a significant moment in Invicta's history as we gathered for our whole school photo, a rare event that takes place only once every 7 years. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the day, showcasing the infectious excitement and sense of community! pic.twitter.com/Y5RDLffV0C


Today we are capturing a moment in time with a whole school photo!📸 pic.twitter.com/Hya2nGJX2H


Students had a fantastic time during last week's POP sessions (Personal Opportunities Program)!We saw students engage with a host of new and familiar favourite activities including, Chess, Coding, Minecraft, Photography, Yoga, Crochet, Nature Walks and so many more! pic.twitter.com/bSmEMQ0Yo5


Our upcoming non-uniform day supports FIGS, our parent-teacher association. The theme is "Be Active!" It's a day to dress sporty and promote physical activity and wellness.Let's show our support for FIGS while staying active and healthy!#NonUniform pic.twitter.com/MZ6ljDx4TN


I had a lovely morning visit to today. The year 8s have been studying the movement & some of the specific stories I explore in my book, of Kent. It was lovely to talk about who grew up in pic.twitter.com/e5GiWrX4zb


I had a lovely morning visit to today. The year 8s have been studying the movement & some of the specific stories I explore in my book, of Kent. It was lovely to talk about who grew up in pic.twitter.com/e5GiWrX4zb


World Book Day is just over 2 weeks away now!What are some of your favourite books that you've read so far this year, who are your favourite authors... We'd love to hear your thoughts on reading, books and literature!#WorldBookDay pic.twitter.com/tZnX6Fd8WS


Last term, our Year 9 photographers explored aperture, depth of field and composition in their work to create these stunning photographs of miniature cars, inspired by the works of Kim Leuenberger! pic.twitter.com/jYOG8pXoS1


We currently have several vacancies available including a Teacher of MFL Spanish, a Receptionist and a Careers Advisor.If you are looking to join a friendly and encouraging team, please submit an application using the link below!https://t.co/Wp92LBuZXj pic.twitter.com/mLyLvveSza


Last week marked the Primary Literacy Challenge! Thanks to all the teams who attended, we hope you had a great time! See you at our Primary STEM challenge next term! Congratulations to for winning! 🏆🎉 pic.twitter.com/ILU5YmABv1


A reminder to students and parents that next Monday, 5 February is a non-uniform day and students are encouraged to wear something blue or nature-themed if they have items in their wardrobe to support and raise awareness for The Marine Conservation Society 💙 pic.twitter.com/bNElZCXC2h


Today our little Shaun The Sheep was seen greeting students whilst proudly wearing the team colours! Congratulations to the team for playing an absolutely phenomenal match!🏆 pic.twitter.com/7rUrFd2EBx


🥘🔪🍅Just over a week to go before entries close for Young Cooks 2024. 🍅🔪🥘 Don't miss the opportunity to enter, and be part of an amazing educational and inspirational cooking experience! ENTER NOW! https://t.co/8990CZdWr5#YoungCooks pic.twitter.com/reZwRtXJia


🥘🔪🍅Just over a week to go before entries close for Young Cooks 2024. 🍅🔪🥘 Don't miss the opportunity to enter, and be part of an amazing educational and inspirational cooking experience! ENTER NOW! https://t.co/8990CZdWr5#YoungCooks pic.twitter.com/reZwRtXJia


The Year 6 Dance Workshop booking are closing tomorrow! So make sure you book your space!Students will have the opportunity to work in teams as they create a short dance routine, exploring the world of Alice In Wonderland through movement!https://t.co/DJyRN2jRDA pic.twitter.com/5X3M0vBuAB