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The future is in safe hands. Invicta students propose solutions to global issues on poverty and climate change.


1,500 students 'Join the Conversation' to help solve the global issues facing our world.


Congratulations to the U14/U15 for their 14-3 win against Highworth Grammar School on Wednesday, 22 January. The team were impressive to watch and controlled the game from start to finish. Further congratulations to Gabby who was awarded player of the match!


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Four Year 10 students competed in the Invicta Maths Challenge alongside ten other schools...


Congratulations to Emily in Year 12 who has been awarded first prize in the Genocide Memorial Day Poetry Competition run by the Islamic Human Rights Commission!


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Can you guess what it is yet?


In celebration of Year 11 (now Year 12) receiving their GCSE certificates, yesterday they planted some beautiful daffodils!


Yesterday we welcomed 40 eager Year 5's to an All Day Science Workshop 'The Mad Professor'. The girls enjoyed a day full of science experiments and even made their very own slime!


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Looking forward to Dr Giles Yeo talking on Thursday 23 January at Sevenoaks school. Please join us!


Well done to Tonbridge Grammar School who were crowned winners of our Secondary Maths Challenge Heat 1, on Friday . Thank you to all other 8 schools who attended!


On Friday 17 January, Year 8 students were all in school, achieving 100% attendance for their year group for the second time this week. Well done Year 8, keep up the good work!


Wednesday, 15 January saw our annual Year 11 Prize Giving to celebrate their GCSE results, along with the multitude of other successes during their time here. With guest speaker , inspiring us all, it was a night not to be missed!


The Year 9 GCSE students have being working hard in Food Technology today on their Tunnock's Teacake Challenge entries!


Tuesday saw the launch of our new Thinking Out Loud events, hosted by Mr Waters and Mr Taylor. Exploring how our Universe came to be before unlocking the secret to successful relationships. We look forward to exploring both the biggest and smallest of ideas at our next event.


Well done to Anusha Year 11 and Megan Year 12 upon receiving their Silver Pupil Librarian Achievement Award. They work tirelessly to promote the library and read - congratulations!


On Wednesday, 15 January, Year 8 students were all in school, achieving 100% attendance for their year group. Well done Year 8, keep up the good work!


Congratulations to all our Year 7 and 8 students who have read at least a million words since the start of the academic year and are now Word Millionaires. Well done to you all!


Have you got your Burns Night ticket yet?


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Only four weeks to go before our next production...


And that's a wrap - 3 days, 700+ young people, 50+ schools, 23 countries, 8 committees and 2 youth assemblies!


Congratulations to Katie, Hazel, Lyanna, Nicole, Maya, Abbie, Amy, Anezka, Hannah, Harriet and Olivia for representing Invicta at the Championships on Saturday. It was a day full of competitive races, but you were excellent ambassadors and swam brilliantly!


Sixth Form students are currently enjoying the Model UN in Geneva, taking part in the Futurecasters 75th Anniversary Celebrations!


On Wednesday 8 January, Year 10 students were all in school, achieving 100% attendance for their year group. Well done Year 10, keep up the good work!


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Our West Malling office (Kings Hill Avenue, ME19 4JX) is holding an opening evening on Weds 8th Jan from 4pm-8pm. So whether you're mad about anything pet related or simply want to start something new, we could have the job for you! Vacancies list here:


The first blog of the year is now online and available to read!


Today we welcome back all students for what we hope will be another great year of achievement and success!🎊#backtoschool


The elves have left us one final message, before they return to the North Pole! Can you decode it? 🎅🏻


The elves have cut down the Invicta Christmas Tree!


We think the naughty elves might be a little bit excited for Christmas!


The elves have decided to explore the sound room and are now playing Christmas music very loudly!


The elves have raided Mrs Derrick’s stationery draw and used her phone to help Santa with his naughty or nice list!


The naughty elves have been playing with our clocks today, in the hope to get us to Christmas faster!


The elves have been practicing their Christmas Carols today!


Whilst the students are away, the elves will play!


Congratulations to Amber in 8C who won the fantastic FIGS Giant Sloth Raffle. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, together we have raised £103.50 for FIGS!


Christmas antics on the last day of term! Hope you all have a lovely and enjoyable break.🎅🏻


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The votes are now being counted in the and mock election today. What will our young people decide?


The naughty elves have been in Maths today!


Dino voted for the in our mock election for students this morning, during form time. Results will be revealed tomorrow!

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Our wellbeing vision is:

To create an environment which actively promotes positive social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and wellness of students and staff.



Wellbeing Award for Schools

At Invicta Grammar School, we aim to ensure that we care for our students in the best possible way we can.  The essence of our school motto ‘Nurturing aspirations, Inspiring success’ cannot be achieved without considering the wellbeing and safety of our students, staff and stakeholders.  As part of our commitment to this, we hope to secure the new Wellbeing Award for Schools, which recognises a school’s efforts to promote and protect positive emotional wellbeing and mental health education and support.

We are proud of the pastoral support we provide our students and we know from our staff that Invicta Grammar School is a good place to work.  However, we are not a school to simply be satisfied with our achievements; every effort is made to  develop further, which is why we are pursuing this award.  The award will help us to self-review and continue to develop the support services available to all our students and staff.

The Wellbeing Award has required us to action plan to consciously recognise what we currently do and to make use of additional opportunities to support and promote mental health and wellbeing.  We are doing this through the recruitment of our Change Team which consists of teachers, parents, students and governors.


What are we already doing at Invicta to look after our students?

Mental health and wellbeing is a key part of our school development plan in order to improve student and staff wellbeing.

Students at Invicta Grammar School are supported through a range of initiatives detailed below:



Student Voice is actively encouraged and developed through every individual interaction across the school.  More formally, the Student Voice Representatives and Prefects in each year group meet every six weeks and the Student Voice Prefects meet with the Headteacher once per term to share feedback.

The Student Support Centre is available to students across Years 7 – 11 to access support and guidance when they require this.  Sixth Form students have access to the Sixth Form Office.

PSHEE lessons provide an opportunity for students to engage in dialogue about common mental health needs and develop appropriate decision making and other life skills to help them with self-management and to increase awareness of support services available. 

Coaching is available through relevant trained staff.  Alternatively, a range of Mentoring support services are available in the form of peer mentoring, subject mentoring or pastoral mentoring on a one-to-one basis.

Activ8 aims to promote the positive benefits of physical activity in relation to mental health.  We provide PE lessons across all key stages. Engagement in Clubs and Societies is encouraged to support wellbeing through interaction with others and learning new skills.

Safeguarding and Online Safety is paramount to ensure students’ and staff safety on a day to day basis.  Safeguarding is overseen by a team of Designated Safeguarding Officers plus students are supported through pastoral staff teams and counselling links.

Tutor Time and Assemblies are used to share important messages regarding wellbeing, extend learning and give time for discussion.  External services and events are also promoted through visiting speakers delivering assemblies.  

Me & You Initiatives are ongoing all year round using the Student Bulletin and Looking After Yourselves and Others Notice Board to promote new initiatives both in and outside of school. Student Wellbeing Ambassadors are in place through the Prefect structure to act as peer mentors. 

The school promotes a range of Counselling Links.  A school counsellor is resident within the school on a weekly basis and students are seen on referral.  The school has a strong link with Therapy Partners, a local counselling service, and students and families are supported on referral.  The school also utilises the services of CAMHS, Early Help and the School Nursing service where appropriate for students. 

The Learning Mentor supports students, upon referral via the Head of Year, to develop their learning skills and manage their academic studies in order to enable them to develop a positive school/life balance.  Students are guided in developing skills to enable them to self-manage their learning independently. 

The Reflection Room provides a comfortable and supportive space giving students time and space to reflect on their issues during the school day under the supervision of pastoral staff. 

Pastoral Staff Teams are available throughout the school day to support students wherever necessary.  Each year group has a senior member of staff overseeing the work of a Head of Year and team of Tutors.  Students can access support through Tutor Time or simply by approaching relevant staff in the Student Support Centre and Sixth Form Office as necessary.  

How parents/carers can help

Early intervention is key to us all being successful in supporting young people showing signs of poor emotional or mental wellbeing. 

Warning signs of an issue might include:

  • Increased isolation and being socially withdrawn
  • Changes in mood, eating or sleeping patterns
  • Physical signs of harm and talking about self-harm or suicide – look out for changes in how they dress
  • Secretive behaviour
  • Use of drugs and alcohol
  • A dip in academic progress or increased lateness or absence from school
  • Expressing feelings of failure and self-doubt

In times of need, we would encourage parents/carers to:

  • Spend time listening and try to be understanding of the child’s needs
  • Make sure the child knows they can talk to you anytime about anything
  • Encourage family time and positive social interaction with trusted family friends
  • Show the child affection and give them space to be peaceful
  • Seek advice from professionals and do not be afraid to ask for help

There are some excellent support materials and guidance available on line for parents/carers.  A few we would recommend are as follows:



Should you notice a change in the behaviour of your own child then please liaise with us at school so we can work together to support them as best we can.