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We're looking forward to playing next Tuesday!🌟⚽️ https://t.co/UfaFKjPQ4P


A reminder to all students that your last chance to book your Christmas Lunch is tomorrow! The cost is £3 and parents will need to pay via MyEvolve pic.twitter.com/M5a6DnDbLP


During half term, 38 students from Years 9-13 went on an exciting week-long STEM trip to Orlando in which they explored the Kennedy Space Centre, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!! pic.twitter.com/Cbsxj6pOG3


Over the Autumn half-term, Invicta students travelled to the West Coast of America for a social sciences trip in which they explored California including Los Angeles and San Francisco🌇🌉 pic.twitter.com/d2ewV5OPHf


Last Sunday, Kimaya in 10N and Ameesha in 8V took part in the Remembrance Parade as Cadets. The event began with a march in Maidstone, followed by laying Poppy Wreaths at memorials and holding a two-minute silence to honour those who lost their lives fighting💚 pic.twitter.com/SsCcxD6844


Invicta U13 recently played Meopham School in a tough match for the Alessia Russo Trophy. Despite a strong comeback in the second half with two goals from Chiddi in 8V, they lost the penalty shootout even with a wonder save from Sylvia in 8N!⚽ pic.twitter.com/wk0z8nU3V5


There are still spaces available for the FIGS Cake Decorating Workshop that takes place on Saturday, 9 December! 🎄🍰To secure your space, head to the link below:https://t.co/4F6CvQVYUX#CakeDecorating pic.twitter.com/zgxsBxT4pA


👏👏👏👏 https://t.co/yAK7kKfJte


On Friday, 10 November Invicta students took on Walderslade in the last round of the Kent Cup and won 4-0!!👏The whole team were incredible and put on a spectacular performance which we hope will continue through to their next games!⚽️#Football pic.twitter.com/mQvhv1X2ly


If you are looking for ways to support Invicta Grammar School or get involved with fundraising and organising social events, please come along to our FIGS Annual General Meeting. It will take place at Invicta this Tuesday, 14 November at 7pm.#FIGS pic.twitter.com/LzEUAHZVJ7


In the last week of Term 1 our Year 7 and 8 Netball teams enjoyed the Maidstone Netball Tournament where they played against 8 other schools! The afternoon finished off with both our year 7 and 8 teams coming 1st which is an amazing achievement for our students!#Netball pic.twitter.com/4ncAPXRthb


Last year, Invicta students managed the budget of the Year 11 Prom so efficiently that they had a sum of money left over and decided to donate it to the Mid Kent MIND charity. #MIND pic.twitter.com/W6NbHo7jx0


That is amazing and a massive well done to Ella. All your support means the world to us - Claire 💚🎂☕


Last term Invicta ran a Cake Competition alongside our recent Macmillan Coffee Morning and the overall winner was Ella in 8V with her Smurf Cat cake! Ella's prize was a BBC Good Food Baking cookbook which will help her make many more amazing cakes!🍰🍰 pic.twitter.com/K6D7nxrekJ


Our choir have been busy rehearsing for the upcoming Autumn Concert which will feature several new performances and a memorable finale of 'Fix You' from our massed school choir and orchestra!Tickets are selling fast so make sure to book your space here: https://t.co/sQHm8IMIVb pic.twitter.com/DNAjxnCQ1y


A reminder that the next FIGS Pre-Loved Uniform Sale will be taking place this Saturday, 11 November in Reception between 9-10am! 📷#FIGS pic.twitter.com/xKqU2NdvWh


Last term saw our Year 9 and 10 Netball Teams compete in the Maidstone Schools Netball Tournament which was organised and hosted by Invicta. Our year 10 team won 4 out of their 6 matches, drawing against Aylesford and losing by one goal to MGGS. They worked brilliantly together!! pic.twitter.com/iF3GEjgcMa


This December FIGS will be holding a Christmas Cake Decorating Workshop! 🎂🎄The workshop will be taking place on Saturday, 9 December and will be guided by a British Sugarcraft Guild Accredited Demonstrator!Book your space on MyEvolve! pic.twitter.com/UaN8JHgqpN


This half term, we have had many exciting trips taking place, including an Exchange Trip to G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College in Hong Kong where our students engaged in a variety of activities and lessons!#HongKong pic.twitter.com/yoG3ZGHXJv


For our final event for the Year 7 Welcome Month, Invicta invited teachers from Year 7 students' Primary Schools for Afternoon Tea; we were delighted to host teachers from almost 30 different schools!#Year7 pic.twitter.com/lmeUrKEoQx


Long term supporters make a huge difference to our work - so we are delighted to share this recent donation from .Year 11 students held their prom recently and had an excess budget - so decided to it to our .We are grateful for their generosity! pic.twitter.com/9wFOVCEedm


Calling all Invicta Year 7, 8 and 9 students! On Saturday, 18 November FIGS will be hosting a Barbie Movie Night!💗Your ticket includes pizza, a choice of Krispy Kreme, a drink and a bag of sweets or popcorn. Make sure to book via myEVOLVE!#Barbie pic.twitter.com/UZaC1A9BR9


We are excited to announce our 2023 Autumn Concert! In November will be welcoming to the stage our School Orchestra, Wind Band, Big Band, Upper and Lower School Choirs and House Bands! There will also be a few musical surprises and a memorable finale of Fix You 💛 pic.twitter.com/3F1nwZgKDT


On Wednesday, 29 November 2023 Invicta Grammar School will be holding its annual Sixth Form Open Evening!😁To secure your place, please book using the link below:https://t.co/fYh0SrABRH#OpenEvening pic.twitter.com/DNwNK69ma0


We Are Hiring! Invicta are currently recruiting for a Teacher of English, an IT Technician and a Part-Time Cleaner. If you would like to enquire more about these roles, click the link below!https://t.co/Wp92LBuZXj#InvictaGrammar pic.twitter.com/X3MdPphABU


Geography (16)

Internationalism is one of the core values at Invicta Grammar School. It forms a significant part of our curriculum and our extensive programme of personal development opportunities. At Invicta, we celebrate different cultures and promote diversity in all aspects of our school life.

Students take part in many international events throughout their time at Invicta. This begins in Year 7 with our very own Eurovicta, a foreign language singing competition.  Other opportunities can include International Poetry Competitions, a range of international clubs and societies including Model United Nations, Multi-Cultural Society, French Films, Classical Civilisation clubs and Amnesty International club.

Internationalism forms an important part of Invicta’s assemblies throughout the year. We have recently launched the Art Multicultural Project which offers opportunities for our students to celebrate diversity and creativity within our vibrant community.

Invicta is proud to have established a long-standing partnership with schools around the world. We value our collaboration with the famous GT College in Hong Kong, Kanto International School in Japan and School of Science and Technology in Singapore.

We are also a member of the World School Forum, a network of 22 schools from all over the world who share our passion for internationalism and global outlook.

Invicta students enjoy travelling the world. Our school calendar is busy with many international trips every year and we have taken students to all continents in the world. Students travel to Paris and St Omer in Year 7, Belgium in Year 8; they go on exchange trips to France, Germany and Spain in Years 9, 10 and 11. There are many international trips offered as part of our GCSE and A level courses. We have been to New York, Silicon Valley, Iceland, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Austria for subject trips. The World Challenge programme also take our students to the furthest corners of the world such as Malaysia, India, Costa Rica and Cambodia. Invicta has also represented the UK at the World School Forum in Japan, Russia, Australia, Italy, Romania and many other countries within the World School network.

The exposure to the world has helped our students develop a strong cultural understanding, open their minds to real life experiences, build confidence and life long memories.


International Events

Click on our interactive map below showcasing our international opportunities and events

History of World School

World school  International Logo 

World School was initiated in 1997 by Masaki Matsudaira, the former Chairman and present advisor to the board of trustees at Kanto International School. Its aim is to create a truly borderless entity that will bring together high school students and teachers from all areas of the world for the purpose of helping the participants create their image of an ideal educational programme. This programme is designed to train students to adopt a global perspective by becoming receptive to differences and to enable them to form lasting friendships. In this way, World School hopes to prepare students to excel in globalized society, which will enable them to gain prominence in the future.

Since the programme's initiation in 1997, the World School International Forums have received the kind moral support of the Japanese Ministry of Education, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies and cultural representative offices of participating countries.

The World School Mission    -    “Where We Stand As One”

In an increasingly interconnected world, we are forced to live and work in an environment that calls for a global perspective in all that we do.  A rapid growth of technology has created a world where we must reach past our immediate cultural boundaries and behavioral patterns to include a set of standards that can help us to function in multiple cultural settings and in inter-disciplinary fields.  To succeed in an international community means that we must continually stay in tuned to standards that are created, be a part of the creation process itself by demonstrating the ability to voice our own set of values in an international context and to incorporate the knowledge we gain by making what we learn about the world, a part of ourselves and a part of our lives.  As international citizens we must learn all we can about the world by creating a network of friendships that constantly broaden our perspectives, and to adopt the attitude that as responsible globally minded leaders of our future, together all things are possible.

Since 1997 World School have been inviting students from schools all over the world to visit the Forum annually as representatives of their countries in an international forum which has received the moral support of the Ministries of Education and the Embassies of represented countries.

One member school per country or region is chosen as a representative of the World School. Each year the member school sends three students and one teacher to a World School International Forum which is held during the end of October to the beginning of November.  World School hope that this may lead to exchange programs and increase the opportunities for students to join those from many different countries, deepen international awareness and become ambassadors of peace and friendship.

World School 2018 - Tokyo, Japan

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On Sunday, 21 October, after much anticipation and hard work, we finally left for Tokyo, Japan. We arrived at Heathrow airport at around 1pm, where we were all very excited to finally set off! We boarded the plane and settled in for the long-awaited flight, which was a tiring 11 hours but worth every minute to start our World School adventure!

After we collected our bags at Narita airport, we were greeted by the wonderful staff and students from Kanto International High School, the founding member of World School. While we waited for a bus to take us to Katsuura, our home for the majority of the trip, we met some of the delegates from Russia, Canada and France and, despite the jet lag, spent a few hours getting to know each other.

When we arrived we had all of the Kanto staff waiting for us with welcome signs! We were shocked with how enthusiastic they were when we got off the bus, but greatly appreciated such a kind and warm welcome. We met our new room-mates at dinner and, after lots of excited conservations, finally headed to bed for a much-needed sleep.

The first full day flew by! Breakfast was a very animated occasion as it was the first time all of the delegates were together; it was great to meet everyone and start sharing information about our lives and countries. During the opening ceremony we heard speeches from the World School organisers; Natsuki Kitayama, Marian Rosenstiel and James Harman, Principal of Kanto International High School. We then took a photo of everybody outside together and played some ice breaker games to introduce ourselves to everyone. After lunch, we started our country presentations in which each delegation presented on their country and the food and waste situation in it. These were very interesting and allowed us to see the similarities and differences in our cultures and homes.

On Wednesday the country presentations continued. After lunch, we had an excellent talk from our keynote speaker, Mr Koichi Takahashi, the President of the Japan Food Ecology Centre about how the centre works and how they are tackling food and waste in Japan. The rest of the day was spent getting to know our new friends more, and packing for our 4 day trip to Tokyo.

World School 2017 - Brisbane, Australia

Group ceremony Booth day

After months of preparation, Ellie, Asha, Holly and Miss Laming finally embarked on their World School 2017 journey to Australia.

Following a jam-packed 24-hour stopover in Dubai, they made the 14-hour flight to Brisbane, where they were met by the welcoming committee of St Paul’s School. After a short stop at St Paul’s they jumped on a coach to Noosa North Shore, where they spent the next 5 nights. 

It was a brilliant, albeit busy, first week! Miss Laming started her days at 5.30 by running to the beach with staff from Finland and Australia, while Ellie, Asha and Holly were kept busy from 6am until 11pm every day! The days included painting boomerangs, paddle boarding, rock climbing, raft building and mountain biking. They also spent a day at the beach, where the delegates were kept busy, practicing life-saving techniques shown by the team at Noosa Surf Club, playing games, swimming through the surf and exploring the shops.

Ellie, Asha and Holly gave their country presentation during the first week too, presenting with great professionalism, as well as humour. This year, each country was given two ‘Global Design Challenges’ to present on, revolving around the theme, ‘The Future of Food and Water’. It was fascinating to find out different perspectives on global challenges and was also a brilliant opportunity to learn more about each country. The delegates worked incredibly hard throughout the Forum to create solutions to the challenges, and produced some amazing results by the end.
The Invicta delegates also put on a fantastic performance, with the help of Katie Mason (one of the 2016 World School delegates) as their choreographer. Performance night was a wonderful way to share and immerse themselves in the cultures of others, and each and everyone's warm reception to every performance made the experience greatly enjoyable!

From Noosa, after an excellent day petting kangaroos and koalas at Australia Zoo, the delegates made their way to Brisbane, where they met their wonderful host families. The days that followed were spent sightseeing, working at St Paul’s and Queensland University of Technology, and showcasing Invicta and the UK on Booth Day. 
The last day came around all too quickly. The teams presented their solutions to the Global Design Challenges to a panel of experts and discussed what they could bring back to their schools and implement successfully; Asha, Holly and Ellie all did a terrific job! 

The traditional tree planting ceremony was held in the afternoon, followed by the farewell ceremony, dinner and party in the evening. The day was full of emotion, but the delegates have already started planning when and where they will travel to visit their new friends!

The UK delegation would like to thank Jon Andrews, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning at St Paul’s School, Dr Paul Browning, Head of St Paul’s School, and Daryoosh Matsudaira, World School Director, for making it such a memorable event. St Paul’s were brilliant hosts, organising an outstanding programme, including a range of activities and wonderful excursions. An awful lot of work goes into the Forum, and the whole team, staff and students, truly made it an event the delegates will never forget.

World School 2016 - Tokyo, Japan

World school 2016 642 World school 2016 371 

After months of preparation and an eleven and a half hour flight, the World School 2016 Delegates finally arrived in Japan.  Evie, Michalina, Katie-Louise and Mrs Brewster were met at Narita Airport in Tokyo, by the welcoming committee from Kanto International School. 

The theme for World School Forum 2016 was “Food and Culture”. Students made presentations about their school, local area and discussed traditional and modern foods of their country. Each delegation has to comment on solutions to the modern food issue of convenience vs. health. When the Invicta students give their presentation, they were articulate, professional and had clearly done their research.

A variety of visits, cultural activities and hard work followed in the next two weeks. Michalina and Evie had the opportunity to take part in a traditional Mochitsuki preparation ceremony, bashing wet rice with wooden mallets! A chop stick lesson caused much excitement but the Invicta Girls had already been practising. Not a grain of rice was dropped! The group visited Asakusa Sensouji, one of the few areas in Tokyo left standing after WW2. It is a special place with temples, gardens and prayer spaces. A visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Office was another highlight with speeches, lots of bowing and exchanges of presents. The students were particularly impressed with the visit to the Kikkoman Soy Sauce Factory.

The girls experienced a four day home stay, where they had the opportunity to live with a Japanese family and experience their food and life.  The girls also enjoyed the Kanto School Festival, where they were able to showcase, UK, Kent and Invicta. As the theme of the forum was “Food and Culture”, they had brought traditional foods such as Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, tea and shortbread. Edward, the Invicta World School mascot also put an appearance! It was interesting to talk to visitors about Invicta, traditional British foods and the Royal Family. Many believed that English people regularly had tea with the Queen!

On Performance Day, the girls were a little nervous as they took to the stage dressed in Union Jack leggings and T-shirts. Congratulations to Katie-Louise who choreographed the dance mash up of famous British pop songs from Queen through One Direction and The Beatles.

The last few days of World School saw the students splitting into groups to discuss convenience, heath and culture as related to “Food and Culture” based on months of research. The result was a number of “Calls to Action” which would bring solutions to the issues identified. The issues and solutions were endless and thought provoking as each student brought a different international perspective to the discussion.

After an emotional farewell dinner with speeches, presentations and promises to keep in touch, the UK delegates left for the airport, tired but happy that they had been excellent ambassadors for Invicta.

World School 2015 - Milan, Italy

World school 2015 kbr 78 World school 2015 kbr 57

On Monday, 19 October, Rosie Ebsworth, Claire Tipton and Erin Withey, travelled with Miss Coston to Italy to represent Invicta, and the United Kingdom, at the World School Forum 2016. Twenty other nationalities from as far Australia and the USA travelled to Busto Arsizio, just outside of Milan, to discuss the topic ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, which was the same theme as Expo 2015 being held in the city centre.

Initially, we spent time at Lake Garda to get to know the other delegations, before travelling back to Busto to meet our host families and work in our partner school ITC Tosi. Part of the experience was a cultural performance, in which Rosie, Erin and Claire took the audience on a musical journey across the UK, singing songs made famous by English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish artists. Another element was booth day, where we shared our cultures with each other and the Italian public. We were very excited to welcome the students and staff from the Invicta World School delegation of 2014, Harriett, Summer, Zoe and Mrs Brewster, who had also travelled to Italy. Mrs Monika Hartwell, who instigated Invicta’s involvement in World School also visited us on this day.

Our delegation were split into three groups, each group conducting a ‘mock trial’ relating to the topic of the Forum; meat consumption, land grabbing and cosmetically perfect food.  Each side had a prosecution and defence, with a jury of experts ruling who won.

Although it was an exhausting 12 days, we were all really sad to leave. World School is an amazing and unique experience, where you have the opportunity to learn about so many cultures and, indeed, to learn more about your own. Invicta Grammar School are looking forward to the World School Forum 2016, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan on the topic of ‘Food and Culture’.

Well done to Rosie, Erin, Claire and Miss Coston for representing Invicta on the World Stage and for being true ambassadors for the school.

World School 2014 - Vladivostok, Russia

World School 2014 (637) World school 2014 719

The Invicta Grammar School delegation to the World School International Forum 2014, have returned safely back to school after their visit to Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU,) Vladivostok in Russia.

Year 12 students: Zoe, Summer and Harriet with staff member Mrs Brewster, attended this prestigious event which had the theme: Environment: Clothing. Tradition and Innovation. They took part in workshops, seminars, performances, fashion shows and presentations based on this theme. The organisers had also arranged for cultural activities such a performance of a Russian Ballet, a Russian Cultural Festival and Russian folk dancing and singing. During the two week visit, the delegates had the opportunity to visit Vladivostok City and the Children’s Centre “Ocean” where elite Russian children attend for three weeks of the year. The students felt that one of the highlights of the visit was a four day homestay with a Russian family.

21 schools from countries such as Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Macau and France took part. The students have made lasting friendships, gained a better knowledge of their different cultures, become more tolerant of each other and have returned with a new viewpoint on the world. Together, they have broken down global boundaries and grown together to become part of the 2014 World School Family.

The delegation would like to thank the Russian World School Team and Kanto International School in Japan for all the organisation, planning and hard work that made this forum such a success. It was an experience that students and teachers will never forget. We now looking forward to World School 2015 which will be held in Milan in Italy.