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Another week, another House Competition: Sixth Form Benchball!


Year 11 have been taste testing their pastries and using the sensory vocabulary to write down their findings. Yummy!


Today we are holding our Year 7 Leadership Fair at lunchtime for students to see the Prefect Opportunities available and meet our Senior Prefect Team.


Don't miss out on the 'Catwalk Catastrophe'! All proceeds from the event will go to the Young Chamber and Interact chosen charities. To secure your tickets please contact


On Sunday, 16 September a team of Invicta staff and students headed to Sandgate to take part in the Great British Beach Clean 2018. Well Done Team!


Year 9 getting creative in Georgaphy, learning about tectonic plates.


Year 8 kick-starting their Monday morning with double science, investigating the unusual properties of Transition Metals and the displacement reactions of Halogens.


Now, Forest Challenge!!


Next stop Orienteering!


We've had a great time open canoeing, but definitely ready for some lunch!


First activity of the day, open canoeing!


We've arrived! Quick welcome then off to the activites. Lets get started!


Year 7 all ready for their trip to Bewl Water. Smiles all round!


What a great end to the day - Year 11 Yoga


Year 10 Food Tech, cooking sausage rolls and making butter! Very nice!


As part of our Broadening Horizons programme we would like to welcome Vincent Fraser, President of Nottingham University Law Society for our first lecture of the year titled 'Pathways to Law'. Photos to follow tomorrow.


Year 8 creating new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters in their English lesson as part of the Roald Dahl Day Celebrations.


Tonight we welcome Year 11 for an evening of sharing information to support students and parents in getting ready for GCSE and A Level options.


Another House Competition, Year 7 Benchball. Well Done to the Winners 7C and Runners up 7T, everyone played fantastically


The Summer Reading and Book Face Challenge Winners are in! Well done to Adena Rowan Year 8 and Claudia Pitcher Year 8. Keep up the great reading.


Year 7 displaying their beautiful summer work this morning, in English.


Students have enjoyed finding out about all the different Clubs and Societies available to them.


Today we are launching our Clubs & Societies Fair at lunchtime for all students to view and register their interest in over 60 clubs on offer. This is an opportunity for all students to Take on a new challenge.


Our Young Chamber and Interact hope that you can attend the Catwalk Catastrophe Murder Myster Evening on Saturday, 6 October! For more details or to book contact


Congratulations to everyone earning their bronze and silver awards for DofE.


Tonight we welcome over 250 guests to celebrate the success of our students completing their Bronze and Silver DofE awards. Well done girls!


Year 13 Investigating Capacitors in Series and Parallel - Keep up the great work!


'I did not think I would be using a sewing machine in my second Textiles lesson!' Year 7's enjoying their first go on the sewing machines today.


On 6 September, Year 11 students were all in school, achieving 100% attendance for their year group. Well done Year 11, keep up the good work!


The House Competitions are underway! Year 8 playing Capture the Flag in Period 5 this afternoon.


We would like to wish all Year 6 students sitting the 11+ test tomorrow the very best of luck. Remember that all you can do is try your very best.


On 5th September, Year 7 students were all in school, achieving 100% attendance for their year group. Well done Year 7, keep up the good work!”


Tonight we welcome our Year 12 students and parents to our Post 18+ Options Information Evening (6-8.30pm). This will include Academic Support and Career Guidance including workshops for UCAS/Oxbridge/Apprenticeships/Student Finance.


For our second workshop of the week we look forward to welcoming another 65 students this afternoon for our 11+ Maths Preparation Workshop.


Exciting News : Invicta Grammar School has been nationally recognised as a Transforming Educational Practice under SSAT's Framework for Exceptional Education. More to follow in this weeks Invicta News.


We are looking forward to welcoming approx. 70 enthusiastic primary school students this afternoon for our 11+ English Preparation Workshop. We shall see you all soon


First Day Smiles for Year 7 - we hope you have had an amazing day! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Students at Invicta Grammar School achieved not only an outstanding set of A Level results but also gained a superb set of GCSE results with 65% of all grades are 7 to 9 or A*/A grades; a superb achievement despite the high volatility of the reformed GCSE this year.


Thank you!


Invicta is thrilled for their students’ future once again, as Year 13 students achieved superb results with 73% of all grades being A*, A or B grades this year. Out of 156 Year 13 students, nearly 200 A* and A grades were achieved, with 100% A* - E grades and 10.5% A* grades.


  2017 a level results 68  2017 a level results 188  2017 a level results 172

Invicta Students Made Exceptional Progress at GCSE

The school performance table published by the Department of Education on 25 January showed that Invicta is among the best schools in Kent in progress made at the end of Year 11. The new accountability measures – Attainment 8 and Progress 8 – indicate the attainment and progress made in eight GCSE subjects including English, mathematics and English Baccalaureate subjects with English and mathematics being double counted.

Invicta’s students achieved a Progress 8 score of +0.73. This indicates that our students achieved nearly three quarters of a grade higher across the eight GCSE subjects than their peers of the same ability.

The performance table data places Invicta, once again, as the best school in Maidstone and one of the best schools in Kent and England.

League table 2018

Invicta is one of best 25 state schools in the South East

The Sunday Times newspaper published the Schools Guide 2018 which informed parents of the best schools in the country and specific regions or towns. 

In the latest publication, Invicta is once again recognised as the best school in Maidstone and also the 23rd best state school in the South East of England. The Sunday Times Parent Power Schools Guide 2018 ranks schools by GCSE and A level examination results. It also gives parents statistics on university destinations of school leavers.

Invicta is one of the few secondary schools in Kent being chosen for the top 100 schools in England and top 25 in the South East. In fact, only 4 non super selective schools in Kent achieved these rankings.

Julie Derrick, head teacher, was thrilled by the recognition. She said: "Invicta staff, students and parents work very hard together and deserve this accolade. At Invicta, we do not sit back on our success, indeed the school has a constant drive to improve ourselves, our students are very well taught and provided with a unique plethora of opportunities to enrich and develop themselves into well rounded citizens of the 21st century. I am proud of our students' achievement and grateful to the hard working staff and supportive parents, who have made Invicta the special school it is today."

Invicta students achieved 75% A*-B grades at A level and 57% A*/A or 9-7 grades at GCSE in 2017. Students also achieved a Progress 8 score of 0.74, meaning that they scored, in every subject, nearly 3/4 of a grade higher than their peers nationally of the same ability.

Invicta students also raised nearly £50,000 for charity in 2016-2017. Besides the outstanding academic achievements, Invicta is also known as a leading school in opportunities for students in music, the arts, sports, close links with universities, businesses, local community and international links with schools from over 20 countries.

Invicta is thrilled for their students’ future once again, as Year 13 students achieved the best set of results in the school’s history with 75% of all grades being A*, A or B grades this year. These grades reflect the dedication and hard work of our students who have also raised an inspirational amount of money for both local and national charities by raising over £50,000 in 2016-2017.  

Invicta is very proud of the fact that the students have achieved 213 A* and A grades. Out of a cohort of 148 students, 100% A* - E grades with 10.6% A* grades were obtained.

This year, we are delighted that more than a third (34%) of all our Year 13 students achieved A* to B grade in two or more facilitating subjects. This has increased from the 25.4% figure last year; a great achievement which has provided life-changing opportunities for more of our students to access the Russell Group universities. 

We are also delighted to report that a significant number of students have successfully secured Medicine, Veterinary Science and Cambridge places: 

Verity Adams - Medicine, Leeds
Cara Birchall - Medicine, Southampton  
Elina Body - Veterinary Science, Liverpool
Claire Tipton - Law, Cambridge
Georgia Robb - Veterinary Science, Liverpool
Jessica Gladwell - Medicine, Nottingham
Lena Wragg - Medicine, Sussex

Julie Derrick, Headteacher, commented “I am extremely proud and excited about the wonderful futures for our students, given the outstanding examination results that they have achieved this year. More Invicta students than ever before will head off to the best universities; continuing the exciting journey that they started with us seven years ago. I am grateful to the hard work and dedication of all the staff at Invicta and the invaluable support of our parents. I am proud of our partnership which has greatly benefited our wonderful students.”

“Our students have yet again risen to the challenge of combining their own academic achievement with charitable work, to not only give themselves the best possible opportunities moving forward, but also to improve the lives of others in their local, national and international community.  It has been a real delight to see their smiling faces as they have had fun along the way!”

The school is delighted with notable achievements for the following students who obtained straight A* and A grades:

Jessica Fitzpatrick,  Rhiannon Thomas,  Emily Read,  Abigail Vant,  Claire Tipton,  Elina Body,  Curtis Bailey,  
Vojtech Jirasek,  Molly Reeves,  Amy Quinnell,  Emma Davison,  Pablo John,  Keri Mo,  Tim Protheroe,  Cara Birchall, Jessica Gladwell,  Tabatha Baylis,  Jessie Hammond.

Gcse 2017 92  Gcse 2017 137  Gcse 2017 188

Invicta Grammar School is delighted with another fantastic set of GCSE results!

Students at Invicta Grammar School achieved not only an outstanding set of A Level results but also gained a superb set of GCSE results with 57% A*/A grades, totalling over 700 A*/A grades. More than half of all the reformed GCSE grades are 7, 8 or 9 grades; a superb achievement despite the high volatility this year. 

Julie Derrick, Headteacher, commented ‘We are exceptionally proud of our students and staff.  Their results are testament to their dedication and commitment in a time when we have huge changes in educational reform, with moving grade boundaries and substantially more rigour.  It is a real pleasure to see so many happy young women excited at their achievements and to be returning to Invicta for the next stage of their life journey. Putting these results together with our excellent A Level results, makes Invicta the number one choice of secondary school in Maidstone.”

The percentage of students who have 8 A*/A grades has increased to 45% which is a phenomenal achievement.  In addition to this, our trend for both consistency and continual improvement is cemented with the following:

• 68 students achieved 8 or more A*/A or 9 – 7 grades.

• 115 students achieved 5 or more A*/A or 9 – 7 grades.

The school is delighted with some notable achievements for individual students:

• Maddie Brant achieved 8 A* grades and 26 out of 27 possible points for English and Mathematics.
• Meesa Rai achieved 7 A* grades and 26 points in English and Mathematics.
• Rebecca Lawrence achieved 8A* grades and 25 points in English and Mathematics.
• Charley Cawe achieved 7 A* grade and 25 points in English and Mathematics.
• Twins Caitlin and Bryony Boeshart-Thomas achieved 16 A and A* grades together with 7s and 8s in their English and Mathematics GCSEs.

At Invicta, we value the enrichment and personal development of our students.  Our Extended Project Qualification results are testament to the fact that our students thrive on the opportunities they have through our curriculum, to develop their independent study in preparation for university. Thirty five students achieved A*/A grades.  This is an amazing achievement which aptly endorses Invicta’s commitment to developing well rounded students.

Examination and Assessment Results Information

Click The Department for Education School Performance Information.

Click The Schools Guide to view our entry.

2017 Progress 8 Score - 0.74.

2017 Attainment 8 Score - 68.44.

GCSE A*/A - Progress 8 - 0.74

Nat Avg. 20%


Nat Avg. 36%

A Level A*/B

Nat Avg. 53.1%