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Team 2 had great fun with our project school yesterday.


Invicta student Evie meeting up with World School 2016 delegates at St Paul's in Australia.


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1st fundraising event for A's 2018 World Challenge done!


Invicta is extremely proud to announce that they have raised an amazing £50421 for RAG and other charities during the school year, thank you


We would like to wish students, staff and parents a very happy summer holiday! We will see our students again on Monday 4 September 2017.


Invicta's final assembly has now finished and the charities have received their cheques from the Senior Prefect Team.


Sefany, Millie and Jess in 8C organised a demonstration on how search engine web crawlers work with wool. Something they all will remember!


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Lovely day meeting our School Direct trainees who look forward to starting teaching careers in September. Want to join us? Get in touch 😀


Well done to Isabelle 7I, Emily 7N and Sophie 11T dancing for Maidstone Roller Dance Club took part in the National Roller Dancing comp.


Invicta has been proactive in seeking enhanced bus services. We are very grateful that will be running an extra bus from 4 Sept.


Invicta's Gold Duke of Edinburgh students are safely through Symonds Yat on the final day of their expedition.


Congratulations to Bo Erin Year 8 and Belle in Year 12 for completing the Cancer Research mud run raising over £350!


Emily, 11C attended an Inspire course at Southampton University to find out about the Science and Engineering courses and careers available.


Year 9 students Charlotte, Coralie, Becky and Olivia Wentzell received their Baden Powell Awards - the highest award a Guide can achieve!


Invicta Over 60s Club members arrived at Invicta for the annual Ascot inspired Race Day yesterday, with prosecco and afternoon tea!


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Looking forward to welcoming our 2017-18 trainees at our VITSA Induction Day on Wednesday


Mia and Jasmine, finalists of the KMBright Sparks Awards, presented their Silver Crest Award project "Is there life out there?".


Well done Amelia and Maya, 8T, who completed the Race For Life Pretty Muddy 5K run at Mote Park raising over £200 for Cancer Research


Congratulations to Lara who won the Bewl Water Aquathlon, 400m swim and 3km run.


Well done to Megan who competed at Supertri Triathlon in Eton, Dorney, being placed 11th in the race. She is now ranked 3rd in South East.


Congratulations Charlotte for gaining her NICAS Level 2 Award making her a Foundation Climber at Lower Grange Farm Climbing Centre.


The Theme of the Week: Stretch Yourself: thrive on challenge and embrace change. Assemblies and tutor time will be based on the theme.


We look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 to school today for their Year 7 Taster Day!


PE students from Invicta will be supporting Leybourne Chase School with their Sports Day today!


Thank you very much, our students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the workshops.


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A tremendous honor to work with such talented students


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Crystal class butterfies have finally emerged.


Thank you to everyone who attended the Invicta Awards Evening, it was a special time celebrating student's achievements.


The Music Auditorium was the setting for a delightful 30 minute recital by Year 7 piano students of Mrs G Haynes.


Congratulations to Gabriella, 12C, who has successfully auditioned for the part of Dull Gret in a play called Top Girls in Tower Theatre.


Asha, 11C has been selected to represent the Kent School’s Athletic Association in the English School’ Athletics Championship in Birmingham.


Congratulations to Lara who finished 2nd (in her age group) in the Aquathlon for the 3rd year running (350m swim and 3km run)


Invicta musicians Hannah, Annabelle and Ruth gave a lunchtime recital at the United Reformed Church.


Ayishah, 11T, and the England team recently won a bronze medal at the Under 17 World Cup in The Netherland by 19-18 on a golden goal.


The Theme of the Week: Be True to Yourself: be honest and treat others how you wish to be treated. Assemblies will be based on the theme.


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Matt explains how he found the financial rewards of teaching surprisingly good.


Year 7 students enjoyed their charity walk in Mote Park yesterday.


Year 7 students are getting excited as it is their annual visit to St Omer. Have fun girls!


FIGS 2017 Golf Society were blessed with a beautiful summers day at the Kent, sponsored by , trophies by Year 12 DT.

International Events

Igs international

Year 7 visit St Omer, June 2017

Visitors from Singapore, June 2017

Visitor from USA, June 2017

Year 10 Rewards visit to Disneyland Paris, June 2017

​Invicta visit to Hong Kong, May 2017

Visit from Belgium Student Teachers, May 2017

World Challenge Colour Run, March 2017

World Challenge Indian Quiz Night, March 2017

World Challenge Hike in preparation for Kerala, India in the Summer, March 2017

Japanese Exchange Visit to Invicta, March 2017

German Exchange Visit to Kopernikus-Gymnasium School in Rheine, Germany, March 2017

Spanish Exchange Visit to Invicta, March 2017

Year 8 Battlefield Visit to Ypres, Belgium, March 2017

Ski Trip to Italy, February 2017

Japanese Exchange Visit, February 2017

Year 7 Eurovicta Competition, February 2017

MFL Spelling and Translation Bee Competition, February 2017

Geography visit to Iceland, February 2017

International Week at Invicta, February 2017

Invicta Mini Model United Nations Conference, February 2017

World School 2017 Delegates Selected, February 2017

MUNGA Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, January 2017

Year 5 Familiarisation Language Workshop, January 2017

Model United Nations Conference Preparation, January 2017

Year 11 World School 2017 Assembly, January 2017

World Challenge Bewl Water Hike in preparation for Kerala, India, January 2017

International Week and Cultural Festival, January 2017

Spanish Theatre visit to Cervantes Theatre, London, December 2016

French Exchange visit by Lycee Fernand Daguin, Bordeaux, December 2016

Year 12 students visit Auschwitz, Poland, November 2016

Spanish Exchange trip to Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, November 2016

Awarded British Council International School Award Ceremony, November 2016

Visit to Invicta from GT College, Hong Kong, November 2016

German Exchange students visit Invicta, November 2016

Spanish Exchange to Jerez, November 2016

Years 9 - 12 students visit Silicon Valley in California, November 2016

International World School Forum Japan, October 2016

World Challenge Quiz Night for expedition to Kerala, India in 2017, October 2016

Year 8 Visit Paris, October 2016

Invicta Celebrates Hispanic Day, October 2016

Year 8 Cross-Curricular Trip to Paris, France, October 2016

Textiles Study Trip to Paris, September 2016

Our partner school from Singapore visited Invicta, September 2016

World School 2013 students visit World School 2016 students, September 2016

2015 - 2016

World Challenge Malaysia, July 2016


GCSE Geography visit to Sicily and Sorrento, June 2016


Year 10 visit Disneyland Paris, June 2016


Year 7 visit to St Omer, France, June 2016


Belgium Teachers visit Invicta, May 2016


Ski trip to Italy, April 2016


Classical Civilisation tour of Greece, April 2016


Belgium Teachers visit to Invicta - May 2016


    French Exchange from Lycee Fernand Daguin to Invicta - March 2016


Spanish Exchange from Jerez de la Frontera to Invicta - March 2016


Italian Exchange from Milan, Italy - March 2016 


    Visit from Trafalgar Girls School, Montreal, Canada - February 2016


Berlin History Visit - February 2016


  â€‹Eurovicta Competition - February 2016


  International Cultural Festival - December 2015


Erasmus Conference – November 2015

Twenty five students and nine teachers from Italy, Spain, Turkey and France, have arrived at Invicta to participate in the Erasmus + Conference. The event is designed to bring together the first year of each countries work on the theme of Innovative Learning and Digital Technology. The students are staying with Invicta host families.

The students enjoyed a traditional afternoon tea on their arrival, before going to their host families for the night. The first day of the conference has seen delegates creating their local dishes with the Food Technology team and taking part in a STEM challenge with the Design and Technology Department. They will also attend a marketing presentation at Leeds Castle and carry out a SWOT analysis at Maidstone Museum. Friday will see them taking part in a number of debates before relaxing with a day of London sightseeing on Saturday.

Monday, 9 November will be the main conference day. Students will present their Erasmus + Project work, including their marketing campaigns and designs. A number of keynote speaker presentations are attending: Frances Coppola, writer on the banking sector, finance and economics will speak on the importance of technology in the financial sector, Richard Lack, UK Director of software company GIGYA will speak about his company and communication developments using new technology and Ralph Leighton from Canterbury Christchurch will speak about the use of technology in education. Caroline Morgan from the London College of Fashion will share her on-line portfolios and an on-line new business case study. The conference will end with a dinner for all delegates and staff in the Hall.

A big thank you to Mrs Lloyd, Mr Perry and Mrs Brewster for all their hard work in making the conference such a success. We would also like to thank Mrs Billingham, Mrs Woolley and Mrs Moore for the brilliant Cross Cultural Tasting event and the STEM Challenge.


2014 - 2015

Visit from Kanto International School, Japan, March 2015 

We are delighted to welcome students and two teachers from Kanto International School in Japan. This is the sixteenth year that Kanto has visited our school and we value their friendship and contribution to the cultural aspect of our students learning.

The group have been following a varied programme of activities since their arrival. They have been to the Tower of London and were amazed at The Crown Jewels. On Tuesday, they returned to the class room to undertake English lessons and an Easter Egg Hunt. On the same day, Year 7 were treated to a drama, dance and cultural performance. Our students were shown how to write in Japanese and some had the opportunity to dress in kimonos.

On Wednesday, they returned to London for a tour of the city and a theatre visit to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Thursday saw them in Canterbury Cathedral in the morning. The afternoon was spent at Kingshill Primary School performing for the primary school students and showing them how to write in Japanese. Friday will be spent at Valley Park School, where the group will take part in a Drama Day and will visit the school farm. Both Japanese and Invicta students are having a farewell dinner that evening before the final homestay weekend.

We were sad to say goodbye to our visitors but are looking forward to our students visiting Italy in October for World School 2015.


Erasmus Visit from Lycee Daugin in Bordeaux in France, March 2015

We were delighted to welcome students and teachers from the Lycee Daugin in Bordeaux. The visit was part of the Erasmus Plus Innovative Learning Project, with a focus on marketing.

The group visited Leeds Castle and Canterbury to analise the marketing of each site and completed a number of tasks at each location. They also enjoyed a lesson given by Miss Gater from our Business Studies Department. The rest of the visit included a visit to London and a series of debates.

Students really appreciated the hospitality of our host families and have praised the quality of the teaching at Invicta. One French student commented that “this was the best cultural experience he had ever had”.


Headteacher of Singapore’s flagship School visits Invicta, September 2014

Invicta was delighted to welcome Mr Chua Chor Huat, headteacher of Singapore’s flagship School of Science and Technology (SST). Mr Chua’s visit marks a milestone in the newly set up link between the two schools. SST and Invicta became partner schools in May 2014 when Invicta headteacher, Mrs Derrick, visited Singapore on a fact finding mission.

SST is a specialised school set up by the Singapore Government following an initiative to promote high level of Science and Technology teaching in secondary education. The school offers a broad and innovative curriculum which allows students to carry out extensive research and applications in Science and Computing, whilst developing them into all rounded young people.

Mr Chua confirmed the cooperation between Invicta and SST during his visit today and said he “was pleased to have set up a strong tie with a like minded secondary school in England.”

“I am here today on my sabbatical to learn the best practice in education in England and feel very lucky to be here at Invicta, an impressive school that is committed to preparing students for the 21st century in which the world is changing fast.”

Invicta’s Headteacher, Mrs Derrick said she was very impressed with SST’s clear vision with an emphasis on Science and Technology, a vision that Invicta passionately shares. She is extremely excited about the “prospect of running joint projects with the staff and students at SST.”

Invicta’s commitment in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in its diverse curriculum has been well supported by the students and their parents. The school is proud of the phenomenal number of students pursuing STEM subjects at degree level.


Spanish Exchange from Insituto Serritium, Jerez, March 2015

Visit from Kanto International School, Japan, March 2015 

Erasmus Visit from Lycee Daugin in Bordeaux in France, March 2015

33rd Year of the German Exchange, March 2015

A Level Geographers in Iceland, February 2015

Business Studies Visit to New York, USA, February 2015

Dance Department’s Visit to New York, USA, February 2015

Year 7 Cross Curricular Trip to Paris, France, February 2015

United Nations Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, January 2015

Auschwitz, Poland, November 2014